Previous Kontest Winners


January   Max & Lisa Armstrong


Celebration by Brandon Fick
Celebration by Brandon Fick
January Carolyn Greenwood
February Deb Gallant
March Jenn Morrissey – GRAND PRIZE
April Ayumi Iizuka
May Bambi Alvia
June Louise Glackmeyer
July Orysia Semotiuk
August Heather Timm
September   Julie Ross O'Toole
October Joel Magnan
November Helen Bucknell
December Sean Watson


January Isabel Killoran
February Sharmila Xavier
March Madhu Mohan - GRAND PRIZE
April Andrew Grace
May Dionne Watson
June Steve Rozak
July Janet Wocjik
August Lee Khan
September   Caroline Evans
October Pamela Tamblyn
November Petra Kozel
December Sherri Fraser


January Marie Jensen
February Stephanie Riley
March Stephanie Riley - GRAND PRIZE*
April Marie MacEwen
May Mike Jewczyk
June Sean McCarthy
July Julie Ross
August Joelle Tiessen
September   Katie Fisher
October Michelle Pennock
November Melanie Plewes
December Paul Collins

*Grand prize for 2006: ONE of the following 3 fabulous prizes, YOUR CHOICE... 1. A spa package of pampering services & products you can choose yourself, worth $500 2. A $500 shopping spree at the LCBO 3. A $500 shopping spree at any Cadillac Fairview Mall


Gift box by Saquan Stimpson
Gift box by Saquan Stimpson
February Renee Falkenburger & Mandy Macrae
March Kevin Hooper - GRAND PRIZE*
April Kristi Herold
May Matthew McLean
June T'Hayla Ferguson
July Hugh Wallace
August Patricia Goodman
September   Kim Gerber
October Frann Harris
November Chris Galberg
December Janet Wocjik

*Grand prize for 2005: A Customized Gourmet Dinner for Six in Your Own Home...Catered by Chef Michelle Irwin Pennock!!!!


Presents by Brittany Culver
Presents by Brittany Culver


Allan MacDonald
Deborah Gallant
Deborah Palter
Sylvia Fletcher
Renee Falkenburger
Andy Lane
Sue Wilson
Bill Vlaad
Sarah Merry
Cathy Grundy
Scott Ceriko
Neeta Logsetty

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