Video Testimonials

Nancy Bought and Sold and is Happy to Talk About It


Nancy Machel bought and sold with the Julie Kinnear Team. Like the painting behind her says, she is a HAPPY client!

John, Sheila & Family Loved Experience with the Julie Kinnear Team


John & Sheila moved to Toronto from the States, looking to settle into an urban village type neighbourhood and loved the advice from The Julie Kinnear Team.

Liz & Kelvin Happy in Their Fantastic North Leaside Home


Liz and Kelvin bought in North Leaside, and sold their townhouse on the other side of Bayview less then 5 minutes away. It all started with walking through the neighbourhood with the baby. They spotted a house they loved, called The Julie Kinnear Team, and the rest is history!

Alison and Joe Love their House in Kingsway


Alison and Joe found the perfect house in the Kingsway neighbourhood while working with Holly Chandler and The Julie Kinnear Team.

Jodi, Ben & Family Moved to Toronto from Europe


Jodi & Ben tell their story of moving to High Park in Toronto from Europe with lots of help from The Julie Kinnear Team.

Jessica & Alex Built Multi-Generational Home in Roncesvalles


Meet Jessica & Alex who combined forces with her parents to invest and build a custom dream home in downtown Toronto (Roncesvalles) that will suit both couples perfectly!

Colleen Sold With JKT and Shares Her Thoughts


Colleen was going to sell her house, but had a small problem with the grass in front of it being too long. Luckily, there was Julie with clippers! Thank you Colleen - we are honoured for your support and appreciate that you shared with our other future clients and friends!

Bree, Trevor & Family Love High Park


With Julie's help, Trevor and Bree moved to High Park ten years ago and raised their family there, loving the neighbourhood ever since.

Rod & Ann Sold North Toronto Family Home with Fabulous Results


Rod and Ann have grown up children and they found themselves with "too much house" to live in, so they decided to sell with Julie and got fabulous results.

Maren & Terry Sold Their Home While Moving Out of Canada


Maren & Terry were moving out of Canada with their two young sons and as they told in their own words, they were nervous about what to expect when selling their beloved house in the Roncesvalles Village / High Park area. In the end, they were thrilled with the team and that they were so successful!

Julia & Marty Sold Condo and Bought a New Home


Julia and Marty share their story about selling their condo and buying their new home with The Julie Kinnear Team.

Josh & Jenna Happy With Church Conversion Condo


After seeing a few properties they were interested in, Josh and Jenna found their first home with the help of the Julie Kinnear Team...though it's not quite built yet! It's a 2 storey townhome style condo in a church conversion. Very stylish!

Linda Thrilled After Downsizing Homes


Linda shares her story as she moved from a big old home in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood, and found the perfect property to save for retirement in the Junction Triangle with the help of the Julie Kinnear Team.

Louise Loved How the JKT Stayed in Touch!


Louise moved to Toronto over 9 years ago but was not familiar with any of the neighbourhoods. Julie patiently showed her around and gave her the inside scoop to all of the areas. Louise decided to make Rosedale her happy residence until she decided to move back to BC years later and knew she had to call the team. She was happy that Julie maintained a relationship over the years and never forgot to check in.

John & Tammy are Happy 1st Time Buyers


John: “Hi, I’m John.

Tammy: “And I’m Tammy.

John: “And we both worked with Jen and her team at the Julie Kinnear Team on purchasing our first house with her. Of which we are doing today one of our first two of two tours before we move in. We had a great time working with Jen, we liked the laid back approach compared to some other agents, we’ve met and I know you appreciated all of the data.

Sean, Katherine & Daughters Move up Homes


Sean: “We’re Katherine and Sean. We bought our house with the Julie Kinnear Team about eight years ago and really had a great experience then. When we were looking to move up to a bigger home with our growing family, we decided to go with the Julie Kinnear Team once again. We really had no reservations about working with them a second time.

Heather & Bryan Found "The House" Soon After New Baby


A big move up in homes can take a long time to find. Heather & Bryan found out themselves, that it can be much more exciting than stressful when done right.

Andrew & Sabine Happy About Buying and Selling


Jen: "Here I am with Andrew and Sabine! Tell us your story, guys!"

Sabine: "We have basically a two and a half week whirlwind of buying a house and selling our condo. We met with Jen - I think it was on a Friday - and the following week, we saw the listing for the house that we were interested in. So we went to see this house. It was actually the first house that we had seen - we did see a house a year and a half earlier but on this search it was our first one - and we loved it and decided to buy it that day, so we did! And then we were suddenly faced with: “Oh my god, we have to sell the condo!”

Daniela and Mike Move From a Condo to a House


Daniela and Mike were nervous about selling their condo in Etobicoke to move up to a bigger family home. After being guided through the process of selling with Julie Kinnear and the buying process with Tyler Delaney, they were prepared for the move. Within a few weeks their condo sold, and they found their dream home near their family shortly thereafter!

Adam, Erin & Stella Enjoyed Buying With Holly From the JKT


Adam and Erin found the perfect house for running a home based day care. They enjoyed working with Holly Chandler and trusted her opinion. They're fans of The Julie Kinnear Team!

Beth and Family Sold With Julie


Another happy family who chose to work with The Julie Kinnear Team to sell their home - they really appreciated the advice on prepping the house and during the offer negotiations.

Matt & Ali Share Their Story


Matt & Ali share their wonderful story! A single guy buying 10 years ago with Julie Kinnear and then falling in love and buying and selling with The Julie Kinnear Team again!

Mike & Toni - Thrilled Clients Who Bought and Sold


Jen: "Here’s Mike and Toni and they’re gonna tell us how was their experience with the Julie Kinnear Team."

Shelley & Aiden's Happy Story!


Aiden: "I'm Aiden. Is there any questions you've wanted to ask me?"

Jen: "Yeah, Aiden, what do you think about your new house at 78 Medland?"

Aiden: "Well, I think it's really nice and I think it's really cool that were moving from a house that we've been renting for about four years!"

Tamara and Pawel - Excited First Time Home Buyers!


Tamara: "We met Holly online, actually. We were looking for an agent to represent us because we’re first time home buyers and so we went online and saw that Julie Kinnear Team had sold quite a few houses in the area so we contacted them and Julie put us in touch with Holly and said that she would be a good fit for us. And we met with her and she was great."

First-time Buyer Adam Referred the JKT to His Friends and Family


Adam: "I was introduced to Holly through my sister who worked with her buying a condo actually in Toronto, which is near Dufferin station. And she was really happy with the work that Holly has done for her and done with her, so she referred her to me when I was looking to buy a house with my family. And she was fantastic, she helped us through every step!"

Theresa is Thrilled With her New Loft in Roncy


Theresa: "Hi Internet, my name is Theresa Scandiffio and I’ve recently purchased a loft thanks to Jen from the Julie Kinnear Team, so I wanted just take time to give a shoutout. She’s incredible, she’s highly knowledgeable, she’s super fun. She gets stuff done, but you never feel pressured and you always trust that she’s gonna make the right decisions and help guide you to your new home. So, I wanted to give much love to Jen and the whole Julie Kinnear Team. Bye!"

Ryan & Natalie are Excited With Their First Home in Mimico


Natalie: "Hi, we’re Natalie & Ryan and we’re first time homebuyers and Tyler helped us buy this beautiful house in Mimico. We’re really really excited to move in and want to thank you guys so much for helping us!"

Allan, a Long Term Client, Finds a New Home with JKT's Help


Allan: "I’m Allan MacDonald and I’ve been a client to Julie Kinnear’s for a long time.

About a year ago, when my wife and I found out we were expecting our second son, we decided it was a time for us to look for new accommodations. We’ve been living in a Leaside house that Julie helped us find about 5 years ago, and it was my wife Christine and I and our son Angus. With number two on the way it was time to upgrade. So Julie and her team sat down with us and helped us understand really what was right for us in terms of fit, and all the things we had to think about."

Bloor West Village Family Sell to Move Closer to Family


Katherine: "I’m Katherine, this is Kevin and this is Nayda. We just sold our house in Bloor West Village for over asking and we’ve been living there for a couple of years but when she was born, we decided that we wanted to move out west, closer to family. So we chose the Julie Kinnear Team and we were really happy with how everything worked out. Within a day of our house being listed it sold for way more than we were hoping for, so we couldn’t be happier about that."

Family Sells & Buys in Roncesvalles High Park with The JKT


"Hi, my husband Colin and I met Julie when we were interviewing some realtors when we were considering selling our house and immediately we liked Julie’s style and her demeanor and we’ve honestly never regretted the decision to go with Julie. She did a fantastic job marketing and selling our house and one of the things we liked best about it was the fact that we really felt that she was advocating for us and we never had any concerns that she wasn’t sort of working hard and really doing her best to make sure that people saw and were interested in and saw the benefits of our property.

Megan & Scott are Moving up Homes With The JKT


Megan: "I’m Megan and my husband and I have worked with the Julie Kinnear Team on several occasions. We bought our first house with them a few years ago and we’re just in the midst of buying and selling our second home. We had a great experience with Tyler buying our second home and were working with Jen again to sell our house and the whole team is being really supportive and helpful and makes the whole experience a lot less stressful."

Janet & Tom Safely Settled with Blended Family


Janet: "Hi! My name is Janet. Here is my experience working with the Julie Kinnear Team. We - my spouse and I, Tom, had been living in separate houses, having come from different families and different backgrounds, so we've decided that we're going to join our families together under one roof. So it was a big deal and we needed a lot of love and attention to make sure this went well for so many reasons and the Julie Kinnear Team was a fantastic partner. They were responsive, they cared for making sure that we were happy, that we felt that we were in a comfortable place. They were highly responsive and they found us a fabulous house, where we now have three happy children living under one roof. And I love my house, I loved the experience. The whole thing was wonderful from the beginning to end."

Dan Talks About Selling his Roncesvalles Family Home


Dan: "Hi there! I’m here to thank Julie for helping us sell our family home. We were in that house for - myself, my family - we were there for over 45 years. It was a tough time thinking about selling and finally, when we decided to sell it was through word of mouth that we heard about Julie, through my wife’s friend of ours. So, when Julie came over she knew right away that it was tough, especially for me. My family home, you know, it was tough to let go of that house. Julie, she understood, she was very helpful and patient. She was very patient because I still had some major renewals to get through and Julie was there, dropped in to see how basement was going, how things were going. So, it was nice to know she had the caring, you know. She was right there.

Kenny Talks About Selling Loft, Moving Out of Town, and Working With Julie


Kenny: "Ok, so my name is Kenny Pierce and I lived in Toronto for the last decade and prior to that: Seattle. And I’ve just moved back out for purpose of being close to the family. I was debating on whether or not I was gonna sell my loft here, which was my 5th property. I’ve bought and sold and renovated and done all kinds of things beforehand and have dealt with other realtors. And so, I had a friend who actually put me in touch with Julie, I was very lucky in that regard.

Catherine and Craig Talk About the Purchase New Home With the Julie Kinnear Team


Catherine, Craig and family sold their home in the Junction/High Park North area with the help of the Julie Kinnear Team, and purchased a larger home in Baby Point for their growing family.

Fergus Talks About Buying his Home in Old East York with Tyler and the JKT


Fergus had been looking for a home with rental income for a long time before hiring the Julie Kinnear Team to help him with his search. Shortly thereafter, he purchased his first house in the East End!

Anne & Paul Bought a House in East Danforth with the Help of the Julie Kinnear Team


Anne and her cat Pepper talk about the experience her and Paul had working with the Julie Kinnear Team to buy their detached home in East Danforth!

Matt & Ulana loved working with Holly and the Julie Kinnear Team


Matt and Ulana had very specific criteria for their future home. With Holly's guidance and patience they found their ideal home in Toronto's hot Junction neighbourhood! Holly advised them on all the details and strategies needed to be able to submit the strongest offer possible. Even in Toronto's tough market they were able to buy a home for far less money than they could ever have imagined.

Claudio and Marcela enjoyed a seamless experience with Holly & The Julie Kinnear Team


Claudio and Marcela had pinpointed a desire to live in one particular building in the High Park Neighbourhood. At the time there wasn't anything available in the building that spoke to them. Holly did some research and found a condo that had been on the market for awhile the previous year but hadn't sold. It had in fact been taken off the market. Holly contacted the owner with a convincing letter, the seller agreed to let Claudio and Marcela see the condo and within a week they'd bought it for less money than the seller was asking. The next step was to sell their house in The Beach.

Catherine Shares her Awesome Experience Selling her West End Townhouse with The JKT


"Hi, my name is Catherine and I love the Julie Kinnear Team. I’ve first found them when I was looking for a house and they did beautiful marketing material and I really loved them. I had them in mind for when I was ready to sell my house and so, I called them up when I was ready to sell my house and I’ve met Jenn Palacios and she was great. I loved that she was really honest and not kind of a typical agent that was trying to upsell me or upsize me on things. She was very straightforward with me and I had a lot of trust in her and her team. So, they’ve been great and they sold my house for way over asking and within seven days which is phenomenal and I highly recommend them."

Dave & Belinda Sold Their Condo & Bought Another in Downtown Toronto with the JKT


"We're pretty excited because the Julie Kinnear Team just helped us sell our condo and buy a fantastic new condo, which we're really excited about because we're moving in in less then two months. We want to put a special shout out to Jen who was with us all the way through and Holly too who helped us buy a new place. So thank you very much to Jenn, Holly and the whole team - it was great! Easy-peasy!"

Rich Talks About Helping his Daughter Buy her First Condo in Roncesvalles, Toronto with the JKT


My daughter was looking for a new place in Toronto and she had very little experience. We were living up in Newmark, so we needed to find the best service take care of our daughter. So we did some research and we found the Julie Kinnear Team. We had so many positive responses from many friends of ours. And the results were terrific. We had a wonderful time in Toronto, it was hassle-free, they stirred through the whole process, they helped her find her mortgage broker, and they made sure that dad hadn't to get involved at all. So it was wonderful.

Mary Lou Bought and Sold With the JKT!!


In a situation that would ordinarily be extremely stressful I was very lucky. I was introduced to the Julie Kinnear Team. They actually helped me sell my property at a price that was far beyond my expectations with service that was even better than that, if you can imagine that. I also purchased from the Julie Kinnear Team and I'm extremely happy with my new home and happy with the service I was given. Jenn, Tyler, Claire - the Team is sensational! I would highly recommend you give them a call and hopefully you'll have a smile as big as mine!


Martha Starts an Exciting New Chapter in her New Regent Park Condo

"I've been working with the JKT to sell my house, which was a really great process and also to purchase this condo. All that within a very short period of time. And I just wanna say that I was really pleased with the work with the team approach and I think that was a great idea. I had someone to help me to purchase the condo and I had another agent to help to sell the house. The communication was really terrific, we knew all along the way what was going on - in terms of the house and the open houses and what we needed to do and so it took a lot of stress out of the process. So I'm really happy that we did very well with the house and also found this really great condo that I'm looking forward to move into."

Jen Krol Finds her Perfect Condo&

"My experience was great, I actually came over from another realtor, I've been looking for 4 months and I just had no luck. And then in pretty much a week, they (The JKT) found exactly what I wanted. So it's been fabulous and I'm so excited to move in."

Amber and Everett Sheffield

"We've worked with the Julie Kinnear Team five years ago, before we were engaged, married or had this cute little bundle of joy and we would never think of anyone ever again when buying a home."

Kathleen Harquail as a First Time Buyer

"I purchased my first place, just almost a year ago with the Julie Kinnear Team. And I am extremely happy! I was buying on my own, which was a daunting experience, but I was very happy to have the guidance of the team and of the agent that I was working with!"

Demore and Shauna

"The JKT is an extraordinary bunch! We just love how authentic they are. You just get the sense right away, they really care about you, not about just selling your home."

Felicia and Brian

"We've had the most incredible experience, from start to finish, working with Holly and the team. We were pleasantly surprised about how quickly it came along in what's a notoriously scary market and we're extremely happy right now. We found our dream house, quickly and confidently!"



"I'm thrilled, I'm so excited, I mean, we have only met you for coffee, to kind of give you an idea, you know, what are our top 10 requests and you sent me a message to say: "This house is the one, you should come and see it." And that's the house I fell in love with."



"Amazing! I loved working with The Julie Kinnear Team. Julie sold my condo and she was so helpful and knowledgeable and she kept me calm when things got a little hairy and Jennifer was excellent with her negotiation skills in purchasing my new home and I love it!"

Kevin & Alissa


"Working with Holly was great, she was flexible and responsive to any questions we had and really helped out, especially on the decision for the house we bought, in connecting us with her other clients who bought in the area. And that really put our minds at ease, knowing it was a good decision to buy here."

Sam & Owen


"Julie and her team just helped us quickly through the entire process. They were patient and they were attentive. We're so grateful, so thankful!"



"During the selling process we felt that she's really working hard for us and it's sold and we couldn't be happier. I give a 'highly recommended' for the JKT."



"The JKT – they will take you through everything one step at a time and treat you like gold."



"I'd like to give a big thank you to Tyler and the JKT for helping me find the perfect place!"

Julie and Jean Francois


"I would like to really, warmly, deeply thank all of the JKT, because they have been helpful and a great support. Honestly, Tyler did more than he was supposed to, he went over the scope and it was really appreciated. I don't think we would have done so well without them."

Michel & Jen


"It's really just overall an amazing neighbourhood we moved into. It really cushioned the blow of leaving the area that we were in Montreal."

Ben & Justine


"We put an offer on a house on Fern street that we tried and didn't get the house. We weren't impressed with our real estate agent at the time. So when we found this house we actually contacted you being the seller of a house that we lost a bid on and then we bought a house with you and sold a house with you!"



"Once you are a part of Team Kinnear, you feel like you're being very well taken care of."



"I came, I saw, I bought. It was the fastest experience I've ever had – and the best." 

Penny and Phillip


"As first time home buyers we were kind of taken along for a ride and it was a great ride, even in Toronto's crazy rollercoaster market. The second that Julie came over and we met with her, we were definitely put at ease. She knows her stuff through and through."



"I got a great price for what I wanted and it worked out exactly as I thought it would. I thank the JKT immensely for the great job they did."



"We sold my mother's house through the JKT and they were fabulous! They came in and they gave us suggestions to make it look really good. They were so professional and came in with all the right answers and the right opinions and the right price!"



"I think the real estate world is a place where you're not exactly sure that you can trust everyone who's involved in it… But I totally knew and felt that Julie and Jen were in my corner and looking out for my best interests. I knew they had my back."

Ann and Luke


"We can't wait until we get into our new house! Thanks Jen you did a great job. Thanks so much!"

Harry and Melissa


"It was relatively painless experience and rather quick experience. Holly and the team made it very easy convenient and very easy for us."

Phil and Amanda


"We've been pleased with the service, they've been absolutely amazing, walked us through the process the whole way, and explained everything so well."

Rhys and Meredith


"It was the first time in three home purchases where we actually felt we had an amazing value from a real estate agent."



"These guys are really good at what they do. I specifically sod them out, because I knew exactly what I wanted and Tyler and the team have been awesome."

Roger and Ele


"We would gladly recommend their help. We are glad to be here and glad to have our home."

Robert and Hayley

"Holly's approachable, actually returns calls and emails. During our experience that's been a challenge for some people, but she's returned everything promptly and has been supportive and send a nice little cookie bouquet upon closing."



"The Kinnear Team was referred to me and I have to say that my experience particularly with Jen and Julie and their whole team, as a matter of fact, has been fantastic!"

Beverley & Jamie


"We're really pleased and we would suggest that people call Julie Kinnear Team whenever they want to buy or sell a house. They're absolutely amazing!"



"I contacted the JKT a couple of weeks ago and I looked at a couple of new condos and within a day I ended up purchasing one and the next week mine was for sale and a couple of days later sold! It was just amazing!"

Francine & Robert

"We look forward to the challenge of moving and you know, living here!"

Linda and David


"It was just good to be able to reflect on each home and not feel that you have to make a decision about buying something that just wasn't right."

Bob and Susie


"When we decided to sell our house, the challenge was to find the right person to represent us. And I remember seeing signs in the neighbourhood, that had this wonderful native Canadian image. It was an inukshuk. And that spoke to me and I wasn't wrong."



"Julie's been an amazing help for me buying, selling.. I'd do it all over again. She makes it work every time!"



"We are so happy to have found the JKT. We were referred to them by a friend and heard such wonderful things and can't say enough about them ourselves."

Kevin & Jennifer


"The thing that I remember most that was the best for us was that we looked for a long time and there was no pressure!"

Scott and Jordan


"Scott and Jordan bought 43 Woburn. Interesting thing about this one is that they didn't think they'll be able to afford it, so they didn't put an offer in and the next day it was still available and BANG! They bought it and it's theirs!"

Beth and Maddie


"We thought it was going to be a difficult sale and Julie came in, got us calm down, and helped us with what we needed to do to make the house look good."

Christina and Josh


"We had a condo on Merton – us and two dogs. Christina is expecting, so we decided we need a little more space so we found a house we're really happy with, here on Davisville and that's our story."

Denise and Gwyndolene


"I'm really busy as a single mom, so she (Julie) really kept me motivated and organized and it was a really trying time, but it was a lot easier because Julie was there."

Amy and Sandra


"The situation was really stressful and having someone to guide us was really valuable and ultimately it allowed us to get MY house – OUR house!"

Priya and Ram


"We picked Julie because we loved the vibe she put out and her approach was very similar to ours."

Jen and Chris


"We're very very happy that we hired Julie to help us sell our house, because we have two young children and wanted to have a painless experience and we did. It was fantastic!"



"I was really, really impressed with the professionalism, not only that the photographs of the house looked wonderful, but the way they treated the whole experience was really wonderful and I would highly recommend the Julie Kinnear Team."



"I've decided on a Tuesday I wanted to buy a house, I met Jen on Wednesday and then on Friday I found my dream home! It was wrapped up and signed-sealed-delivered within 24 hours. She was like my go to gal. I got chocolate chip cookies as a congratulations!"

Sam and Dav


"These guys did a great job, we had a number in our head and we actually got quite a bit more than that!"



"That's what I know the Julie Kinnear Team is really good at – finding the spirit of a home to match the client's."

Ellen & Leslie: 


"What's really great about Julie's team is that they stick with you through thick and thin. They really make sure that whatever they can do for you that they do and inevitably, sooner or later, they find the right buyer and the place is sold."



"Julie is the best real estate agent that I have ever dealt with. She doesn't push you, she leads. She doesn't coax you into doing something, she discusses with you and really works on getting your satisfaction. That's Julie's total motivation. Not just her prime motivation, but her total motivation!"

Alex and Sean


"We didn't think we'd find the house in this area, we didn't think that we'd find the house that we wanted with everything on our checklist for the price that we got it, which was very good, because we bought it at the right time, luckily. But we found it and it's incredible and we're going to spend the next 15-20 years here. We couldn't be happier."

Jen and Dave


"This is our second sale with the JKT. Both of our sales were profitable. It was a great experience!"

Ivan and Vanessa


"Holly was very helpful when we were seeing the house for the first time, there were some problems with some of the electrical and what not, so since we had no idea how to handle these things, she was very helpful in letting us know how to deal with these issues and was able to fix it for us."

Jen and Josh


"We're both very, very excited about moving in and the process was incredible for us, very, very fast, even with a few challenges along the way, but with Holly's guidance and expertise, it went really, really smoothly."



"Both Jen and Julie were totally professional and matched my expectations and everything came out beautifully at the end of the day. I can't thank them enough for their help."



"Now we live in a beautiful brownstone home and we're very excited to get in to it and thanks to Julie because she was guiding us home!"

Clare and Andrew


"Julie was fabulous, she helped us get organized and we listed our condo within a few months. She was really good at guiding us, what to do, how to set up, how to make it most marketable and she talked about all the fabulous marketing tools she uses. And sold it in a day!"


"We had a great experience with Julie and the team, she not only found us a perfect house, but she helped us sell our old house and get through all of that stress and, in fact, we loved Julie so much that she became a neighbour and also a good friend!"

Adam and Fontaine


"Funny thing was that we had quite the busy summer, so we actually went out once with Jennifer. We looked at four houses, this one was the second one and we fell in love!"


"Julie was a great help finding our new house! Thanks a lot Julie!"


"I take the referral part of the JKT very seriously, so before I even bought a house I brought referrals for a sale and a purchase."


"I want an investment property, I want it to be beautiful in a great location with a parking. How do you do that? You work with the JKT!"


"We wouldn't have done it in the way we wanted to do it without Julie and team's help."


"Julie Kinnear Team – top notch!"

Eric and Fredericka


"With JKT guidance we were able to find a home that really suited who we are and we are very very happy!"



"Go JKT! Julie sold my house, she did an awesome job!"



"I recently sold a house with Julie, it was a great experience, she gave us lots and lots of exposure. She really helped us from the beginning to the end. It was smooth and couldn't have been better!"



"The Julie Kinnear Team? Absolutely fantastic! I couldn't complain one bit. Jen did a marvelous job, Julie did a fantastic job, the whole team did a wonderful job!"



"Julie showed us lots and lots of houses before we found our house and we like what she's found!"



"I've had a fantastic experience with the JKT!"



"Julie was fantastic, she came to us, was very professional, brought a professional team with here, and helped us very quickly sell our house at a maximum value. Her marketing was fantastic!"



"It was fun! The JKT was very detail oriented which was something very important to me. We just had a lot of fun!"

Nilufer and Felin


"We had a great experience with Holly & Julie & the whole team and Holly found us the most beautiful house, we're loving it so much and Julie sold our house in just a week. It was amazing!"

Tracey and Matt


"We had a great time at the JKT baseball game!"

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