Catherine and Craig Talk About the Purchase New Home With the Julie Kinnear Team


Catherine, Craig and family sold their home in the Junction/High Park North area with the help of the Julie Kinnear Team, and purchased a larger home in Baby Point for their growing family.

Craig: Well, we’re the Goldings: Craig, Catherine, Ellen and Victoria and we’ve been looking for a couple of years with the help of Tyler and the Julie Kinnear Team and finally, we found the place! And Tyler has always been a great help and very patient through the whole process.

Catherine: We wouldn’t have even seen this if it wasn’t for Tyler encouraging us. We were getting some burnout and he said: 'I really think you should see this house!' And so, Tyler really made this happen for us.

Craig: And it’s perfect!

Catherine: It is perfect!

Craig: So, Tyler helped us find this house and Julie helped us to sell our house, which went exceedingly well and wouldn’t have been half a successful without all her advice. And even the people, all the contacts Julie had, was really helpful to help us to get where we got to.

Catherine: And we had some stress and they just completely took care of us. So, very professional. We’re extremely happy with Tyler and the Julie Kinnear Team. Thank you!


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