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Put your used clothes & housewares to good use!


Nicole & Mark's recent move taught them the first rule of cohabitation:  you will not need everything you have.  The second rule is, you will have 2 of everything! 

If you have clothing, housewares and the like that you have outgrown or no longer want, disposing of these items can be a pain, especially if you don't have a car and there is no drop box nearby.  Canadian Diabetes Association to the rescue!  You might not have thought of them as as resource for collecting these types of items (we didn't!), but they do.  Their 'Clothesline' branch at 1 800 505 5525 will come right to your door to pick up everything from those unbearable Christmas sweaters to your old cell phones & PDAs!  Furniture is even picked up in selected locations.  Visit their website at  or call the number for more details.  Last year people like you donated over 40 million kilos of the items to this worthy cause. 

Thanks for your help!

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