Eat That Frog!

When I started working for the Julie Kinnear Team they would say in conversation with one another "eat that frog" or "that's your green frog dude". I thought I was working with a bunch of crazy people!!

And then we read "Eat That Frog" by Brian Tracy as part of our book club and now I'm eating frogs everyday!! Its a metaphor for tackling the most challening task of your day first. So just like eating a frog would be awful, if you do it first and get it out of the way, that's the worst thing you will have to do that day!

The chapters are just a few pages each and at the end of each one is an assignment for you to do. If you work these "action plans" into your everyday work and personal life you will find very quickly that you have more time in your day to do things for yourself and or that your day doesn't feel so out of control or stressful.

Its not an overwhelming read. Its very quick and to the point and it just makes so much sense.

I used to use a  phrase "Procrastination for Nation" because that's what I would do all the time. Well I don't say that anymore because I am learning how to stop it!

Pick it up! Its worth it!


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