Laura Found the Spirit of her Own Home

Laura, a happy client of The Julie Kinnear Team shares her story of how the spirit of the home she bought matched her own.


Jen: "Here we are with Laura. Laura took possession of this house about six months ago and it looked a lot different than it does now. Tell us about it, Laura!"

Laura: "Ok, well, I did take possession six months ago and at the time everything had to be changed. The heating, the electrical, the decor, everything. But it is a dramatic and stunning change and at the same time I have the spirit of the home that I always wanted, the spirit of the neighbourhood and that I know is what the Julie Kinnear Team and Jen are really good at. It's finding the spirit of a home to match their client's. So, I'm proud and I've got a great place now."

Jen: "You DO have a great place, congratulations!"

Laura: "Thank you."


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