Mike & Toni – Thrilled Clients Who Bought and Sold


Jen: "Here’s Mike and Toni and they’re gonna tell us how was their experience with the Julie Kinnear Team."

Mike: "It was absolutely awesome! We are first time home buyers, we’ve lived in the city for a long, long time, but have always owned a condo so we’re ready to take that step up to an actual house. And with the market the way it is in Toronto and the craziness, Julie and her team made this an absolutely easy experience. We knew what we were looking for, we got a lot of good feedback and input from Jen, our agent - she was fantastic, and absolutely it made this and easy process in what seems to be a crazy competitive market. We knew what to expect all the way through, so I think Toni and I both thank to Jen and the Julie Kinnear Team for guiding us home!"

Jen: "Yay! Thanks very much!"


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