Moving up from a Condo to a House in Toronto?

If you think your condo has become too small for your taste and you're longing for some more privacy and a part of land to call your own, you're probably thinking about moving to a house. Owning a house comes with a lot of perks, but also a lot of responsibilities. We can help you with that.

Daniela and Mike:


"The whole team was awesome, I liked how every week there would be a new surprise, whether they'd give us a date night at the movies or provided us with some really good information on the market and literally in a matter of 5 weeks we have sold our condo and bought this home."

Penny and Phillip:


"As first time home buyers we were kind of taken along for a ride and it was a great ride, even in Toronto's crazy rollercoaster market. The second that Julie came over and we met with her, we were definitely put at ease. She knows her stuff through and through."

Demore and Shauna:


"The JKT is an extraordinary bunch! We just love how authentic they are. You just get the sense right away, they really care about you, not about just selling your home."



"Amazing! I loved working with The Julie Kinnear Team. Julie sold my condo and she was so helpful and knowledgeable and she kept me calm when things got a little hairy and Jennifer was excellent with her negotiation skills in purchasing my new home and I love it!"

Julia and Marty:


"The best part is that Tyler didn't pressure us at all, not one single time. In fact, the exact opposite, he really wanted us to wait until we were really excited about something and now we've finally found it!"

Beverley and Jamie:


"We're really pleased and we would suggest that people call Julie Kinnear Team whenever they want to buy or sell a house. They're absolutely amazing!"

Andrew and Sabine:


"We got so much support from the JKT, we loved working with Jen for buying a house, because it was so awesome and she's such a good listener!"

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