Moving or Being Transferred into Toronto?

So you've decided to move to Toronto? Great, let us help you with that!

We also have a full Relocation guide to help you find that realtor out of town, if you are moving there, or selling when you move into Toronto.

Here are some of our clients happy stories that they have shared.

Jodi and Ben


"So we've found the JKT 8 years ago, when we were looking to move to Toronto from Switzerland. And Julie and her team were fantastic in helping us put together a plan for when we came and we had to make some very quick decisions within a week. And we've bought a house at High Park and we've been there ever since and it's been wonderful and we've kept in touch with Julie which has been great, because she's a member of our neighbourhood and our community and she's great to set up all sorts of fun things to keep in touch and keep us posted what's happening in the real estate market in our community."

John and Sheila:


"Holly, she was very good at not letting us get distracted from what our goals were. You (The JKT) guys were great and made our relocation one of the great experiences!"

Michel & Jen:


"It's really just overall an amazing neighbourhood we moved into. It really cushioned the blow of leaving the area that we were in Montreal."

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