Kathy Marinkovic

In order to make changes in my life I needed to take risks, identify my fears, and believe in myself.

Kathy has lived in the Junction for over 14 years, and has witnessed the area transform into a unique, vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood. In 2005 Kathy bought her first house on Dundas St West. The house was commercial/residential, so Kathy experienced being a landlord as well. It was the perfect home for 11 years. She was able to run her catering business and rent the upstairs apartment. Kathy sold her home with the help of The Julie Kinnear Team and moved into the Duke condos just a block away! Kathy was once a client referred to the team and is now a proud member herself of The Julie Kinnear Team.

Prior to entering into real estate, Kathy worked in the culinary industry for over 20 years, constantly learning, upgrading skills, techniques, and staying current with industry trends and customers expectations. Cooking was a means of expression of love and care bestowed to all. Kathy prides herself on her customer service, and loyalty, willingness to do whatever is necessary to get the job done right. Her hard work, creativity, integrity, honesty and her sense of humour, are just some of the strengths she brings to the team. Kathy’s compassion and commitment for social justice and equality is what drives her to continue to be a better person.

Kathy stays connected in the community by walking and exploring the neighbourhood with her two dogs in tow. A daily walk to High Park is a must all year round. In her spare time Kathy likes to ride her bike, shoots some hoops in the local school yard and on sunny days you will find Kathy cruising on her motorcycle outside the city. Kathy is also looking forward to spending more time at her family home in Croatia.


  • York University - Psychology and Sociology
  • George Brown College - Counsellor and Advocate for Abused Women and Children
  • George Brown College - Food and Nutrition Management