Josh & Jenna Happy With Church Conversion Condo

After seeing a few properties they were interested in, Josh and Jenna found their first home with the help of the Julie Kinnear Team...though it's not quite built yet! It's a 2 storey townhome style condo in a church conversion. Very stylish!


    Jenna: "I’m Jenna."

    Josh: "I’m Josh."

    Jenna: "We just bought our first dream home with the Julie Kinnear Team. It’s a church conversion, it’s not finished, being built yet, so we’ll still have a year to get ready for the move."

    Josh: "And it was a really great process. We sort of started off as it’s our first home we’ve ever bought. We really specifically had a lot of ideas and working with Tyler really helped to narrow down specifically what it was that we were looking for and then, once we had it narrowed down, the whole process just went so smoothly. He was always accessible when we needed him, whether it was for viewings, or questions, or anything like that. He just really helped us feel really comfortable with the final decision that we made and was even going to meet us in sort of follow up on that as well. So it’s just a really great process, can’t speak more highly of it and yeah, we’re really great, we can’t wait to move into our place!"

    Jenna: "We’d totally work with them again."


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