Liz & Kelvin Happy in Their Fantastic North Leaside Home

Liz and Kelvin bought in North Leaside, and sold their townhouse on the other side of Bayview less then 5 minutes away. From west of Bayview to east of Bayview in less then a week! It all started with walking through the neighbourhood with the baby. They spotted a house they loved, called The Julie Kinnear Team, and the rest is history! They are now in their 'forever home' with baby Quinn.


    Jen: "This is Liz and Kelvin and they just bought a beautiful house in North Leaside. How was your experience with the Julie Kinnear Team?"

    Liz: "We had a really good experience. This is actually our second house that we've bought with the Julie Kinnear Team and Jen was really helpful and answered all our questions. Really, there's no pressure at all, like it's very sort of laid back in whatever we're comfortable with which I really appreciate. Because sometimes, you always worry about real estate agents putting a lot of pressure on you to make a decision and she is definitely not someone who puts pressure on you and we just really felt that she's on our side throughout the whole process. It was really good!"

    Kelvin: "We also sold the house as well - our first house that Jen got for us. And now we're in our second house and Julie helped us sell our first house in less than five days. The whole experience was amazing, everything made our house look very good and we're very happy with what happened. And now we're in our forever house and were excited to start our new life here!"

    Jen: "Looks like you guys and little Quinn there are gonna be very, very happy. Thanks so much!"


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