Maren & Terry Sold Their Roncesvalles Home as They Moved Out of Canada

Maren & Terry were moving out of Canada with their two young sons and as they told in their own words, they were nervous about what to expect when selling their beloved house in the Roncesvalles Village / High Park area. In the end, they were thrilled with the team and that they were so successful!


    Terry: "Hi, we're Terry and Maren and we're a family with two young kids. We're moving out of Toronto to the States for work and we sold our first home. We worked with the Julie Kinnear Team and we really didn't know what to expect. But it was a fantastic experience overall."

    Maren: "Yeah, we were very nervous about it all. We had no idea what would happen, but Julie and Holly and Claire just made it really easy for us and they guided us through it all. We received emails and phone calls and we were just part of the whole process even though they recommended to move out of the house, which was possibly the best thing we could have done with all the showings and everything. But yeah, we were totally in the loop, which made it very easy for us to stay calm."

    Terry: "And they happily took our many, many phone calls, frantic phone calls, because we didn't know what was going on. And they helped us stay calm through the whole thing! "

    Maren: "Yeah! So it was all good!"


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