Penny and Phillip: A Happy Buy/Sell Experience

Penny and Phillip sold their downtown condo and bought a great detached home near Danforth and Woodbine. An easy, seamless process!


    Jen: "This is Penny and Phillip standing in front of their new house at 349 Springdale. Yaay! What do you guys think of your experience?"

    Penny: "Jen was our realtor so the second that she sent us the listing we were very intrigued and then when we came to see it we knew it was the one for us. And it was great, because everything happened very quickly and very seamless and we got the house of our dreams with the first offer."

    Phillip: "The Julie Kinnear Team really was a team, so it wasn't just Jen. There's lots of other people behind the scene making sure that we got the house we wanted, we were happy. And basically, as first time home buyers, we were kind of taken along for the ride and it was a great ride, even in Toronto's crazy roller coaster market."

    Jen: "And is it true you also had to sell your condo?"

    Penny: "We did! We sold our condo. We bought a house and realized that we had to sell our condo within two months. So, the second that Julie came over and we met with her, we were definitely put at ease. She knows her stuff through and through, so we listed our condo and got an offer on the first day. So yes, everything worked out perfectly.

    Jen: "Awesome. Thanks so much and good luck in your new home!"


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