Buyer and Seller Satisfaction Report

For every survey that is filled out, a 20.00 dollar donation towards a charity will be given.

Please let us know which charity you would like Julie to send the money to!

Toronto Humane Society (animal shelter/adoption)

Canada Wilderness Committee (preservation of ancient forests and biodiversity)

Pathways to Education Program (helping less privileged young people succeed)

Camp Oochigeas (camp for kids with cancer)

Casey House (AIDS hospice)

MS Society (multiple sclerosis)

Any other charity of your choice:

Please answer the following questions openly and honestly. Your input will make a positive impact on future dealings you, your family and friends will have with The Julie Kinnear Team. The lives of thousands of future homeowners depend on the accuracy and detail of your answers.

Take as much space as you would like to answer. Thank you in advance.

1. What did you most enjoy about buying your new home & selling your former home?

2. What did you least enjoy about buying your new home & selling your former home?

3. Were there any areas that could have been improved upon or handled better?

4. Why did you decide to work with The Julie Kinnear Team?

5. Please describe the level of satisfaction you experienced with The Julie Kinnear Team in the following areas:

Availability for meetings, appointments & return calls:

Excellent     Good     Poor

Knowledge of real estate, demonstrated:

Excellent     Good     Poor

Ability to avoid and solve problems:

Excellent     Good     Poor

Kept your special needs and best interests in mind:

Excellent     Good     Poor

Ability to maintain a high level of trust in all dealings:

Excellent     Good     Poor

Effectiveness in keeping you informed:

Excellent     Good     Poor

6. Would you recommend The Julie Kinnear Team to a friend or relative?

Yes     No     Maybe

7. May Julie share this information with others?

Yes     No

8. Your Name:

9. Address of property you bought or sold with The Julie Kinnear Team:

"It's not what we say to potential customers about our service that really counts. . .
 It's what our clients say!"

Your time is much appreciated.

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