Marketing Strategies

1. Our Extensive Database - both agents & clients

  • Agents: We have a database of Agents that is updated weekly. They are divided into 4 districts. We personally invite Agents from the specific district to attend the Agents Open House. As well we email them any updates or changes to a listing so they can pass along the info to their clients.
  • Clients: We have a meticulous database that consists of over 10,000 contacts. Our client e-mail database is worked on and updated daily. We e-mail the contacts announcing upcoming open houses. We also have an active client group within the database that receive a personal e-mail from the Team highlighting property features, open house dates and offer dates.

2. Colour Feature Sheets for buyers at the home

  • We print colour feature sheets for the potential buyers that come through your home to take with them. They consist of all the information about your property along with beautifully taken coloured photos and a very detailed floor plan.

3. Neighbourhood Letters

  • These letters get delivered to your immediate neighbours inviting them to view the home and to pass the letter along to their family and friends because wouldn't it be great to choose your neighbours!

4. Custom For Sale Sign

  • A JKT custom For Sale sign with a website is put on your front lawn. On the sign, we hang an "Open House" rider which states the day and time of the Open House. Also an InfoBox full of flyers and the 1-888-rider.

5. 1-888 - we have a free recording about your property for anyone who does not want to speak to a sales rep right away

  • We have a rider on the bottom of your for sale sign that people driving/walking by can call toll free, without the need of an agent, and receive a recording of the hi-lites of your home, price and open house dates.

6. InfoBox Flyers are on the For Sale Sign for anyone walking or driving by

  • On the For Sale sign on your lawn, we have an information box (info box). We create info box flyers that contain great facts and hi-lites of your home so that anyone driving or walking by can take one home with them and then go onto our websites to check it out!

7. Listing Hotline for all agents in the brokerage

  • Once the listing agreement is signed, key information is communicated to local Keller Williams Neighbourhood Realty salespeople through our exclusive Instant Messaging System.

8. Newspaper - Print Advertising

  • The Julie Kinnear Team has a significant presence in the Friday Globe & Mail Classified Section. We also advertise in local newspapers of the area your home is in.

9. Dundas Street storefront window of listings

  • Our prime location in the heart of Toronto affords you the unmatched opportunity to market your property to hundreds of passersby each day. A flattering colour photo of your property will be placed in the window display the week your home goes up for sale.

10. Public & Agents Open Houses

  • Julie and the Team hold an Agents open house from 11:00-1:00 pm a day after the property is listed on the MLS. This is where all Agents get a chance to view your property before the general public. We hold public open houses on the weekends from 2:00-4:00 pm Saturday and Sundays.

11. Our Auto-replies

  • As your agent, our email "auto-replies" will invite people to check out our Featured Listing of the Month, which will be yours! Every single time we send an email to anyone, a link will direct them to where they can see your property's web page!

Feature Sheet Example:

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