Moving Expenses Calculator: The Real Cost of Moving House in Toronto

This calculator will help you figure out the real cost of moving before you make the big plunge. Just fill in the details as accurately as you can and our custom calculator will give you a very good approximate idea of what it will cost to move house in Toronto (most of the figures apply to Ontario as well, apart from the Toronto city land transfer tax).

First - The Basic Numbers: Mortages and Down Payments

Price of property
Mortgage value (leave 0 if you don't have a mortgage)
Initial mortgage downpayment in %
Your monthly mortgage payment

Second - Some Questions About Your Particular Home Buying Situation

Are you a first time home buyer ?
Do you need home inspection ?
Is the property oil-heated ?
Will you need a moving company for moving-in ?
Have you paid hydro-deposit first time customer fee ?

Third - Press Submit to Get A Personalised Estimate of Your Costs

These figures are meant to be representative and approximate. While the figures presented have been researched to the best of our ability, we cannot guarantee their applicability to every situation. Please consult a licensed real estate agent (that includes us) to confirm your own situation. Responsibility for your financial decisions is your own.

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