High Park Restaurants

3.0000 (1) MacKenzie's
Great local bar to get together with pals, have a few pints, catch the hockey game, play darts, or celebrate St Paddy's day. Quiet tiny rooftop patio is lovely for lunches in the summer!
3.0000 (1) Grenadier Cafe
The Grenadier Cafe is a great big place to meet for breakfast or lunch. You can serve yourself or sit in the back and be served. The patio is huge and great for summer! Basic food here but there is just something about this place that I keep going back to.
5.0000 (1) Ravi Soups
YAY! Ravi Soups has opened closer to where I live. Dnundas West just at Jerome St. These soups first off are hands down the best I have ever had. If you like mushrooms than their Porcini Mushroom w/wild rice bisque is A MUST HAVE! The wraps are so fresh and different. The ingredients are top shelf. Free range chicken with yams or roasted pork shoulder with spicy tamarind ketchup!! Just typing this I am salivating!!! This location does Brunch which I have not have had but nothing else dissappoints from Ravi so I will be having brunch there some time very soon!
5.0000 (1) The Dizzy
Great local sports bar! Wide variety of sports, lots of TVs. Great food, comfortable atmosphere.
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