The Junction House Prices

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# Sales Freehold4170761074491012129
Avg SOLD Price - Detached$0$0$0$00$819,967$1,417,000$1,180,000$1,099,178$1,607,800$1,031,667
Avg SOLD Price - Semi$0$0$0$0$931,706$1,600,000$803,333$1,011,342$1,005,257$820,500$856,000
Avg. % List - Detached86.54%79.75%80.17%112.75%0%99%112%107%106%101%101%
Avg. % List - Semi Detached80.83%105.08%95.5%94.08%101%153%109%118%117%100%102%
Avg. Days On Market - Detached12411312113201215139121733
Avg. Days On Market - Semi84136131118147141282117
% Detached25.5%31.42%32.92%56.92%0%90%30%40%30%40%30%
% Semi Detached49.5%43.58%58.75%43.08%100%10%70%60%70%60%70%

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