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4.0000 (2) Arts Market
Arts market is a store that is like a year long One-Of-A-Kind show. The ArtsMarket presently is occupied by 43 different artists. Everything from log art, pottery, leather bags and satchels to one of a kind jewelery made from all recycled products. You can walk around for hours in this store. It's a must-visit store especially if you are shopping for that one-of-a-kind friend.
3.0000 (1) Baby on the Hip
Baby On the Hip is an eco-minded baby boutique in Leslieville that keeps it green. With a focus on environmentally-friendly, locally-sourced and \"back to basics\" merchandise (they avoid battery-powered baby gadgets), Baby on the Hip offers a chance to buy things that are good for baby and the planet at the same time. They also run workshops and are one of the few stores with an online registry service.
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