Entertainment & Sights In The Annex

3.0000 (1) Honest Ed's
We can't figure out whether it has really gone downhill or whether it's just that this landmark store was so much more appealing when we were younger! I grew up in the Annex so I spent a lot of time in Honest Ed's as a kid, enjoying the funny slogans painted on the building, the flashing lights, and what seemed like fascinating bargains. Now it's kind of just a giant dollar store. Although Ed's birthday every year in June is still something cool to bring the kids to and he still gives out turkeys every Christmas!
5.0000 (1) The Bata Shoe Museum
One of Toronto's many museums to visit! You will be suprised how interesting shoe history is!
5.0000 (2) The Bloor Cinema
Huge movie hall. Good popcorn but lousy seats. Oldies but goldies.
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