Alex and Sean – Two Very Happy Clients!

Alex and Sean were so happy with amazing house they bought, and the 10 offers they received on the condo they sold. A win/win with the JKT!


Alex: "Hi, I'm Alex."

Sean: "I'm Sean."

Alex: "And this is our new dream house! We didn't have to look for very long before we found it and when we did, we walked in and it had everything on our checklist."

Sean: "It's pretty much perfect. It's a house you can grow in, too. You know, we're expecting a little baby.

Alex: "Our first!"

Sean: "To fill one of the five rooms, which is pretty awesome. And it's the best location."

Alex: "We didn't think we'd find it in this area. We didn't think that we'd find the house that we wanted with everything on our checklist for the price that we got it, which was very good! Because we bought it at the right time luckily. But we found it and it's incredible and we're gonna spend the next fifteen to twenty years here. And we couldn't be happier


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