JKT Fur Family

Our team had so much fun volunteering with the Toronto Humane Society in September 2017. There are so many adorable dogs, cats or rabbits up for adoption, so if you are considering getting a pet, please check them out here.

Julie's Fur Family

Julie with Murphy and Mickey

Murphy Mickey in the office

The whole Team loves Murphy and Mickey! Photo is from our annual
JKT Inukshuk Members Club Picnic.

Murphy and Mickey enjoying a massage from our friend Heather Johnston.
Read our interview about her interesting work here!

5 month old cockapoo! So fluffy and full of life and love.

Murphy and Mickey at home

Murphy and Mickey saying hi!:


Puppy Bella introduction to the world and to Julie

Wonderful memories...

... and fun ones too!

Sadly, Julie lost her Bella in 2011. So every April, friends and clients of the JKT bring their furkids and off they all go on a hike, which is the Bella Memorial Walk.

In Memory of Bella, 2001 - 2011

Julie's cats Scooter and Scout

Scout and Scooter all curled up in front of the fire.

Favourite spots in the house!

Scooter helping Julie to announce the Krazy Kontest winner:


Unfortunately, beloved Scouty Boy passed away in October 2017 and sweet girl Scooter in September 2018 & we are madly missing both special feline fur babies. They blessed us (not to mention drove us a little crazy) with hilarious memories, aerial acrobatics, antics & stories from those who also got to experience their unique energy! We can barely find a photo where they aren't together.

Jen's Fur Family

Jen always has the right company!

This is Sukie, Jen's first dog rescue. She had her for a wonderful 15 years.

Every year, Jen volunteers with The Northern Dog Project who are working to help with the over-population of dogs in the Northern Cree communities near James Bay. The Project also goes into the schools to educate the children on proper health care for their pets, and proper treatment.

Nessy and Oscar

Nessy and Oscar have come into Jen's life thru this project. Nessy was rescued a few years ago, and Oscar in 2010, after being tied up to the stairs of a house for years. They both have thrived under Jen's care and love. Their favourite place in the world is running along the forks of Credit River in Belfountain!

Northern Dogs Project Christmas fun.

Oscar hates his jockey!

Jen has been riding her whole life and for the last 10 years has been riding friend's horses. One of those friends decided to sell one her horses so Jen jumped on the opportunity (no pun intended) to own her very own horse.

Jen's horse Nellie

Nellie giving friend a back scratch.

Beautiful day for a ride.
This is Sherman, Jen's newest family member. A loving, handsome, energetic dude. 

Holly's Fur Family

Holly's late dog Rufus, who was with her for 16 years.

Holly's cat Porch.

Porch fondly gets his name from where Holly found him! He was very fond of hanging out at her house. He was a Holly neighbour's cat but she took such great care of him, that they both agreed that he is happier with her. It's amazing how these loving creatures come into our lives!

He is very talented...

... and very photogenic!

Tyler's Fur Kid

Tyler's pug Mogli

Mogli is a pure bred pug who loves to play and chew on everything in sight! Mogli was a gift to Tyler's partner Ashley for her 30th birthday. He gets his name from the Disney movie, The Jungle Book, and is often referred to as their little monkey!

Mogli loves the park!

Best buds!

Still has the same look!

Mogli celebrating his birthday with friend Rufio.

Claire's Fur Kid

Claire picked up her Teddy on Valentine’s Day (there wasn't a better day!) and she has brought so much joy & happiness to all of us every day. At the same time a puppy truly is a lot of work! Teddy is an adorable Bichon Poo, half toy poodle, and half Bichon Frise = a whole lot of cuteness.

Teddy then...

... and Teddy now!

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  1. It’s WOOFSTOCK this weekend in the St. Lawrence Market! Its the 10 year anniversary as well so its going to crazy fun! If you have never been, we highly suggest you check it out. and NO you don’t need a dog to attend! Its really amazing what people do with their dogs and the breeds of dogs you see are incredible!
    p.s. great deals on leashes and collars. etc. a lot of the vendors don’t charge tax and they have festival prices :)

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