Toronto Mortgage Rates

Here are the latest Toronto mortgage rates. These rates are broker negotiated and not available directly from banks.

Rates as of April 14, 2022

fixed 1 year 3.35% 2.74%
fixed 2 years 3.55% 3.24%
fixed 3 years 3.79% 3.44%
fixed 4 years 4.05% 3.64%
fixed 5 years
4.59% 3.84%
fixed 7 years 5.35% 4.19%
fixed 10 years 5.60% 4.35%
Variable Rate   1.75%
Prime Rate 2.70%

Bank rates are current Toronto bank rates supplied by a cross-section of the top Canadian banks mortgage rates. These are the most current Toronto mortgage rates and are updated daily.

Our rates are our most competitive rates via our recommended mortgage broker. A given home buyer may or may not qualify for the lowest listed rate, but this rate is indicative of the kind of rates you can expect by dealing through our mortgage broker rather than approaching a bank directly. It is well worth your while to have the services of a good mortgage broker.

Change is the week to week change in Toronto mortgage rates. Many weeks there will be no change but this serves as an indication of where mortgage rates are going in Toronto.

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