July Krazy Kontest 0

Happy Canada Day! To inspire you this summer 😁🏊‍♀️ And a sweet reward of $75 gift certificate to a local restaurant (of your choice) awaits one of you who knows correct answer.

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – Açai Bowls at The Big Carrot Juice Bar 0

One of my favourite places to get this superfood is at The Big Carrot Juice Bar on the Danforth where they make an açai bowl.

June 2022 Krazy Kontest Winner 0

Congratulations to the winner of our June 2020 Krazy Kontest. This months Krazy Kontest celebrates all things Prideful (2SLGBTQ+).

JKT’s Favourite Thing Friday – Coaching Beach Volleyball 0

Eddie’s fav: “One of my passions is coaching beach volleyball! I get to work with some of the world’s best young athletes and support their performance at international competitions.

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – Whisperings Springs Glamping resort 0

Whisperings Springs Glamping resort near Cobourg Ontario! The perfect place to celebrate a wedding or a treat yourself to a special weekend away! So luxurious and serene. Thanks to Matt & Gillian and the Barry & Adams families for including us in your special day!

Exciting JKT Update! 0

Meet our new team member Eddie Coleman!

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – Patio Season is here! 0

Enjoying appies and drinks at Sassafraz in Yorkville at patio with my good friend.

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – Cherry Blossoms – Beautiful Spring 0

Julie’s favourite thing not just this Friday but whole May is walking in the park and admiring blooming cherry blossoms. Delicate white and pink flowers bring smile to your face and brighten your day with beauty. And Georgie and Murphy agree – more walks in the park like this:)

May 2022 Krazy Kontest Winner! 0

Congratulations to the winner of our May 2022 Krazy Kontest. Who won??? Watch Jay’s video to find out!

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – KW Cares RED Day 0

The JKT loves KW Cares RED Day! Annually our brokerage Keller Williams all around the world stops on the 2nd Thursday in May.