JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 0

One of our most popular Favourites from last year. Still great. Happy St. Patty’s day!☘️ 🍺

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – Quordle 0

Julie’s Favourite Thing Friday: “Quordle! I know last year I mentioned that I was hooked on Wordle from NYT. Well, it was a bit of a game changer to learn about Quordle. You solve 4 x 5 letter word puzzles at once with the same hints, you get 9 chances to finish all 4. The best part is that if you have a little time on your hands, you can do as many as you want in a day, you don’t have to wait for 24 hours like in the past.”

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – BOSE Sleepbuds 0

Emily’s Favourite – How to get a good night sleep: “BOSE Sleepbuds! If you live with a snorer or are a light sleeper, these are incredible! Super comfortable to sleep in, comes with three different size tips. They are noise cancelling and play white noise and other soothing sounds through an easy to use smartphone app. I can finally sleep!”

Oscars 2023 Krazy Kontest 0

The 95th Academy Awards are just around the corner and we cannot wait!

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – Winter Scenery 0

Winter Scenery! Most of us wish for winter to pass quickly because of the cold, but the views are beautiful. If you’re surrounded by greenery and going for a walk or driving in or out of the city, you will experience some great city sightseeing. These are a few pics from the Bluffs:

February 2023 Krazy Kontest Winner! 0

Congratulations to the winner of our February 2023 Krazy Kontest. The correct answer to our question “Our Toronto Maple Leafs were a part of the “Original Six”. So proud our city was one of the first hockey teams to build the great NHL. Question – How many seasons did they play as the original 6ix?” is 25.

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – Puzzle Tabletop Easel 0

This Friday recommendation from Julie for all the puzzle enthusiasts out there: “My Bits and Pieces – Puzzle Tabletop Easel. This has a bit of MAGIC in it too! It is almost unbelievable that the pieces stay in place as I raise the angle of the puzzle board! I can lay flat or use the easel while sitting down or standing to angle the light perfectly. Versatile and comfortable.”

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – The Bread Essentials 0

Gluten Free & Nut Free Bread, Pastries, Desserts, Pasta, Soups, Snacks & More!

February Krazy Kontest 0

Our February Krazy Kontest is now LIVE! 🎉 Your chance to win a $75 gift card to a local fave restaurant of your choice!!

JKT’s Favourite Things Friday – Old Toronto Historical Find 0

Jay’s Friday Favourite and a tip for a stroll – synagogue on Maria Street – Congregation Knesseth Israel. Commonly known as the Junction Shul.