Priya and Ram Loved Working With Julie and the Team

Priya and Ram searched thoroughly for a realtor that would help them with selling their house. They picked Julie and as they said, they loved working with her!


Priya: "Hi, my name is Priya."

Ram: "And I'm Ram."

Priya: "And we just sold our house in March with the Julie Kinnear Team and we loved it. We were really worried about getting our house on the market. We interviewed three realtors and we picked Julie because we loved the vibe she put out and her approach was very similar to ours: emailing, keeping long lists, checking things off and constantly being in communication. We traded like ten emails a day, or something, and it was all fantastic."

Ram: "And, you know, she was very honest with us about tuning our expectations right and she provided us with advice that was paying on in terms of modifications we needed to do and the upgrades that we needed to do."


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