Tamara and Pawel – Excited First Time Home Buyers!


Tamara: "We met Holly online, actually. We were looking for an agent to represent us because we’re first time home buyers and so we went online and saw that Julie Kinnear Team had sold quite a few houses in the area so we contacted them and Julie put us in touch with Holly and said that she would be a good fit for us. And we met with her and she was great."

Pawel: "Especially for the first time home buyers. I mean, we sort of didn’t know the ins and outs of buying our first home and they were very helpful and provided us with all the information we needed to get started and know what we were looking for."

Tamara: "And eventually we.."

Pawel: "Found our home!"

Tamara: "Found our home! And it didn’t take long at all, it was actually the first house that we saw!"


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