Moving or Relocating out of Toronto?

You've decided Toronto is not the place to be? Dreaming to leave the city? We can help.

We also have a full Relocation guide to help you find that realtor out of town.

Here are some of our clients happy stories that they have shared.

Katherine and Kevin


"I’m Katherine, this is Kevin and this is Nayda. We just sold our house in Bloor West Village for over asking and we’ve been living there for a couple of years but when she was born, we decided that we wanted to move out west, closer to family. So we chose the Julie Kinnear Team and we were really happy with how everything worked out. Within a day of our house being listed it sold for way more than we were hoping for, so we couldn’t be happier about that."



"Julie - what set her apart from other people was that she was asking me questions about what I think I really want to do, whether the timing was right. And I think this is even true now because she tends to just ask you questions about what was going on with you rather than what was going on with your space. That’s at her part! I’ve dealt with realtors, I have people in my family that are realtors as well and I know they have to make a living, they have to find clients and such, but I don’t genuinely think that that was the case and I don’t think that’s the case now with her and her clients."

Michel and Jen:


"It's really just overall an amazing neighbourhood we moved into. It really cushioned the blow of leaving the area that we were in Montreal."

Sam and Dav:


"These guys did a great job, we had a number in our head and we actually got quite a bit more than that!"

Bob and Susie:


"When we decided to sell our house, the challenge was to find the right person to represent us. And I remember seeing signs in the neighbourhood, that had this wonderful native Canadian image. It was an inukshuk. And that spoke to me and I wasn't wrong."

Maren and Terry:


"Julie and Holly and Claire made it really easy for us and they guided us through it all. We were totally in a loop, which made it really easy for us."

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