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Toronto Utilities

  • Bell Canada - Quick link for moving information and how to change your Bell telephone services.
  • Enbridge Gas - Enbridge Home Services.
  • Rogers Cable - Want to see homes faster? Quick link to see all the service Rogers has to offer. High Speed to make your surfing quicker.
  • Shaw Cable - Quick Link to access Shaw Cable and all the services they provide.
  • Toronto Hydro - Quick link to change information right here, right now on-line.
  • Toronto Water - Information on Toronto Water and how safe your drinking water is.
  • Toronto Garbage & Recycling - Need information on Recycling and what you can do to help Toronto keep clean? Here's the place!

Moving Information

  • Canada Post - Moving? Quick link to change your address, right here on-line. Postal code information.
  • Ministry of Transportation - Moving? Change your drivers licence!
  • Need temporary furniture? For furniture rental in Toronto, has a great selection and reasonable prices. Let them know Julie sent you.

Phone Directory


  • Gay West Community Network. Serving the LGBT community in the Gay West Village, West Toronto, Ontario. Your Community Centre on the Web. Yes now Toronto has two gay villages.

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