Toronto Neighbourhoods, Schools & Libraries

Local Information

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Toronto from Snake Island Park by Jamie McCaffrey

Toronto Weather

Toronto Neighbourhood Information

Enjoy an interesting history of the lovely Toronto neighbourhoods that The Julie Kinnear Team specialize in.

Central Toronto Neighbourhoods


Cabbagetown Toronto by margonaut

West Toronto Neighbourhoods


1111: RONCESVALLES by Emilie Rhaup

East Toronto Neighbourhoods

toronto beaches

Sugar Beach & Corus Quay by Chris Tyler

Toronto School System, Public and Private

theology school toronto

Toronto School of Technology by Kenn Chaplin

Toronto Public Transit

  • How to get around Toronto by subway, bus or streetcar  TTC

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Saint Clair Avenue West by Michael Gil

Toronto Public Libraries

 Toronto Public Library - Information on Toronto Libraries, and Library directory.

Toronto University Library

Toronto University Library by Anders Sandberg

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