Beth and Family Sold With Julie


    Another happy family who chose to work with The Julie Kinnear Team to sell their home - they really appreciated the advice on prepping the house and during the offer negotiations.

    Beth: "Hi, I’m Beth and I’m sitting here in my new house - courtesy of Julie Kinnear, who helped us sell our old house. It was what we thought was gonna be a difficult sale and Julie came in, got us calm down, helped us with what we needed to do to make the house look as great as we could possibly make it. We did a lot of work to stage, we did a lot of painting and a lot of getting ready and it sold very quickly. And she really helped us when it came down to the offer stage because we weren’t sure if we should take the offer that was in front of us or wait for another one and she sort of gave us some great ideas and guided us well and we sold and we’re really happy. So thanks, Julie!"


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