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Julie loves her Toto toilet

When needing to replace her old toilet at home in Roncesvalles Village, Julie approached her local hardward store Pollock's for a recommendation. They raved about the Toto toilet - Drake model. It is a low flush (meaning it uses half the water of a traditional toilet ) - and super efficient - with gravity feed and a siphon jet action. It seems funny but makes us feel better to use one knowing that every single time it is used instead of a traditional toilet more water is saved. In fact i know that some condominium buildings are switching over to this style to save on their water bills. Since toilets use approximately 30% of the total water in a household, if everyone does it it is the easiest way to help out ever! Toto's are quickly becoming the standard by which other toilets are judged.

Oh ya - and the City of Toronto has a cash back program when replacing your old water guzzler with a new low flush one.

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  • Sandy Peaks

    Is this rebate available in Toronto only? I live in Pickering, can I apply for this rebate.

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