Second Hand Furniture Guide: GUFF

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GUFF Second Hand Furniture Store Exterior
GUFF (or Good Used Furniture Finds)

John Jakeman started GUFF (short for Good Used Furniture Finds) after spending years sourcing and selling antiques to dealers. Eight years later, Mr. Jakeman's experience and connections in the field are bringing him enough success to keep his business going at a brisk pace (now with three employees assisting).

GUFF Second Hand Furniture Store
GUFF Danish Design Chairs
Modern Scandinavian Design Pieces

While GUFFs merchandise is drawn from many places, auctions and estate sales are frequent sources. The selection is updated on a weekly basis, and often leaves the store very soon afterwards. Although GUFF aims to have something to appeal to every customer, their specialities are mid-century modern Scandinavian furniture, as well as deco and contemporary pieces, reclaimed industrial items, and "general antiques".

"GUFF offers a welcoming, friendly, and unpretentious atmosphere."


Those who don't feel up to trekking to 1142 Queen st. E on a regular basis can check the GUFF blog. Although some of the smaller items on offer inside the physical store may be omitted from the blog, the furniture displayed there is updated almost every day. If you see something irresistible online, you can purchase it by credit card over the phone. A deposit is required if you want an item to be held for you.

GUFF does its own repairs, customization, sourcing, and some refinishing in-house, as well as providing its own custom furniture fabrication service. In the words of one GUFFemployee, the store offers "reasonable' and 'accessible' prices, and a complete lack of "attitude".

GUFF Basement With Furniture
GUFF' Basement Is With Lovely Furniture
GUFF Dining Set
GUFF Vintage Radio
 Vintage Radio

Those wishing to sell furniture to Guff should email pictures along with their inquiry to The store's website is

www: GUFF online
blog: GUFF on Blogspot

Address: 1142 Queen St. E, Toronto, ON

Opening Hours
Mon-Sat: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am – 5:00 am

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