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Top 5 Canadian Green Blogs

Photo by Stonethestone
Photo by Stonethestone

Besides our lovely homes we keep feeding you with, we are known (or at least we try hard) to be known as the 'green' realtors. Our green life section offers you green news, tips and solutions for you and your household.

Where did we learn all these exciting information? Browsing some great green blogs! We are proud to say, there are several very interesting green webs prepared by Canadian authors. We have prepared our personal top five chart, (with one bonus), and we encourage you to recommend any other great Canadian green blog in comments. We hope to encourage the young Canadian green blogosphere and establish a tradition of selecting the best blogs every year and following their virtual life.

The Sustainable Scribe

The Sustainable Scribe

If you search for ultimate, easy-to-read green guide for everyday living, here it is. The Sustainable Scribe is blog by Planet Forward, which sells organic products, but they managed to avoid the usual fluff and offered real value instead. You can find anything here, beginning from vegetarian receipts, or gardening hints up to green news.

Business Ecology Paradox

Business Ecology Paradox

Nicolas Parson, business strategist from Montreal, understood one important thing: people want money first, then they may care about the environment. So he tries to figure out "new, sustainable sources of profit." His calls to action, like "How Business Leaders Can Change the World" are worth reading. To make it more interesting, Nicolas usually offers his articles both in English and French!



DESMOGBLOG is not just another blog about the global warming. This blog decied to clear the PR Pollution that Clouds Climate Science. Jim Hoggan, leader of the blog and Canadian PR veteran decided to go after politicians and other officials, who misinterpret global warming data and research, or more expressively to say: Slamming the climate sceptic scam. Is somebody using statistics to mislead congress, or has anti-science tendencies? DESMOGBLOG will find them and challenge them! The blog quickly grew to become one of the leading Global Warming blogs in the world; Jim published also related book Climate Cover-up.

The Green Market

The Green Market

Subtitle of this blog says: "The convergence of sustainable capitalism and the global environment." It is run by Richard Matthews, a consultant, eco-entrepreneur, sustainable investor and writer from Montreal. He aims mainly at business owners and corporate officials, providing information about various green organizations, foundations, initiatives and tools, like Green Business League Sustanability Officer Training or Searchable Environmental Education Resources. It also comprehends an extensive list of environment protection related links in the sidebar. Good reading, if you want to make your company a bit greener.

The Green Living Column

The Green Living Column

This green column on the Canadian Living web is run by Daniela Payne. This is green living witnessed from more personal point of view, with interesting insights and ideas (How making jam can save the world) and giving simple advice to ordinary people like you and me (5 green things to do this weekend).

And the promised bonus:

Things Are Good

Are you tired of reading all those catastrophic scenarios? Need some positive thoughts to end up your day? Things Are Good were created for this purpose. Adam Clare and Vanessa King started the site because they had an idea to start telling the world that, yes, things can be good.

The site offers a collection of positive news from all around the worl. It is not green living only, but many articles are related to environment. So you can read that Organic Farms Beat Industrial Farms or that there are Earth Friendly Beers.


  • kole

    Thanks for the list, these are wonderful!

  • Kathleen

    Hey, I have started this week a new blog that documents my journey to going sustainable and low impact. As well, I cover environmental issues and have taken the role as activist for 2 causes. The point of my blog is to inspire everyone with practical ways to being sustainable and low impact. I cannot alone with my actions make a difference, but collectively we can. See what I’m doing at my blog and learn about issues at

    I’m going sustainable, not perfect yet! But you can watch me meet my goals in my life long journey and learn about ways you can change. Knowledge is power! I will help you meet your goals too!

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