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Second-hand furniture stores are very busy places that are jammed with furniture from floor to ceiling. Finding what you're looking for is often an impossible task. However, today's featured store provides a completely different, convenient, and comfortable way of purchasing second-hand furniture. Furnishly is a marketplace that brings physical store inventory online, all in one place, in a well arranged and practical manner, allowing Torontonians to furnish their interiors with quality pieces without experiencing the stress and frustration of going through unorganized piles of random used pieces.

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This online second-hand furniture store was founded by Bryon Finke, an industrial engineer by formal education, and a self-taught web applications programmer from Chicago, Illinois. Bryon has a passion for making simple, easy-to-use software that addresses a real need within people's everyday lives. Bryon leveraged his passion as well as programming skills and after spending four years in the management consulting industry, he decided to create a curated, online second-hand furniture store that would take listings from several sites across the Internet and display them together for quality and value. Furnishly went live in May 2012, filling a blank space in the existing second-hand furniture market. This online store was originally opened for the Chicago market but due to its huge success, Furnishly expanded into the Toronto second-hand furniture market as well.

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Furnishly expanded to many cities across North America,
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Furnishly provides an entirely new approach to the second-hand furniture market. As Bryon informed us, "Furnishly aims to replicate the branding, marketing, and sales capabilities through a digital marketplace." Furthermore, Bryon points out that the store has begun incorporating local delivery into the customer purchasing experience. "By centralizing delivery capabilities for all stores in a given market, Furnishly can enable much lower transaction price-points through economies of scale."

The selection of this online store is a result of the work of all the creative curators within each city. The curators carefully select every single piece of their vast selection, encompassing works of mid-century modern dealers as well as restoration artisans and high-end designer consignments. Their inventory is updated on a daily basis, providing their customers with new, unique pieces for discovery. Furnishly offers some of the best second-hand furniture you could find in Toronto. You don't have to worry that you'll end up buying low-quality "throw-away" merchandise since everything in the marketplace is curated for quality.

All in all, Furnishly provides a delightful solution for anyone who doesn't have the time and nerves for buying furniture in physical stores. Due to their vast selection and excellent quality, you can be sure that you'll find whatever you're looking for without even crossing your threshold.


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