The Kingsway House Prices

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# sales Freehold165165100146119113135118
Average Sold Price Detached$859,615$960,055$993,813$991,682$1,250,251$1,128,866$1,931,065$1,189,495
Average Sold Price semi/Att/row/town$582,786$483,362$197,425$285,500$278,921$137,319$50,833$55,917
Average % List - Sale Det.100.2310298.9%96.42%98.12%101.63%100.25%99.54%
Average % List - Sale price S/A/R/T100.57101.6734.5%52.92%51%25.67%9%9%
Average Days on Mkt Det.211920.5833.6726.5819.9219.8320.25
Average Days on Mkt Semis.917.4313.085.5882.250.50.58
% Detached95.291.2996.6%93.42%96.5%96.25%99.17%98.33%
% Attached/Semi/Row4.88.713.4%6.58%3.5%3.75%0.83%1.67%
# 2 storey105117718094718771
# 2.5 or 3 storey1116111947810
# other styles625281000

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