Would You Rather Take a Car or a Limo?

Your Options Today

  • Sell Privately
  • Do Nothing
  • Use a Conventional Salesperson
  • Use a Real Estate Consultant Working: By Referral OnlyTM

How Most Agents Spend Their Time


  • Working with their clients


  • Chasing New Businesses
  • Dinner-Time Telephoning
  • Delivering Flyers
  • Door Knocking
  • Writing Ads
  • Working with unqualified buyers
  • Cold Call from Open Houses
  • Work Expiries
  • Chase for Sale by Owners

How We Spend Our Time

Skilful negotiating

  • Qualify buyers first
  • Use advanced computer systems
  • Customize marketing for listings
  • Expert advice on pricing and staging your home
  • Commitment to be your personal REALTOR® for Life
  • Attend advanced educational seminars aimed at how to service you better
  • Follow up all referral leads, and sources
  • Design exclusive Newsletters of value to our clients
  • 100% effort

What Does "By Referral Only™" Mean To You

Real estate is not about selling houses as much as it is helping people move into new areas of their lives. We want to devote our time to helping you obtain your goals and plans. We are committed to making sure that your move is a pleasant and stress-free experience! Our business is modelled after family doctors who have built up their lifelong practice of loyal patients that trust enough to refer their own children and family to that doctor.

What We Expect From Our Clients For Life

We truly need your help:

  • Enjoy the process with us!
  • Feedback on how we're doing.
  • Introductions to people you care about who are in need of real estate guidance.

We're Not Traditional Salespeople

Have you ever been in a cab? Then you know it has its own unique experience.

Usually, you go for the ride, you pay, and get out and never see the cab driver again. The cab driver rushes off to find the next fare.

Have you ever taken a ride in a limo?

Maybe for your prom or a wedding. You'll agree that the limo experience is very different from a cab ride. You get first-class treatment.

We are By REFERRAL ONLY™ consultants who are more like a limousine service. While most REALTORS®, like taxi drivers, spend 80 to 90 percent of their time looking for new clients, we spend most of our time working with clients who were referred to us. And the good thing is that it doesn't cost you any extra!

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