CAFA – Canadian Friends of Aniquem Health Development Corporation

Founded by Karen and Murray Jones CAFA is a Canadian registered charity helping kids who go to the non-profit burn clinic called ANIQUEM in Lima. The kids come from all over the country, and CAFA helps with transport to the clinic, emergency food and lunch the day of their visit, twice yearly camps for kids to get away and make friends, scholarships and more.

They also sell the sweaters, scarves of all types, hats, and silver jewelry. All donations and proceeds from the sales go 100% to the programs in Lima, the board even pays for their own travel costs. Tax receipts for all donations.

To Donate go to: CAFA

From personal experience, it is extremely easy and rewarding to help out by purchasing any of the beautiful, and incredible quality items that Karen & Murray & the Board have brought back from Peru. Check out this picture of my nephew Constantin who came to visit us from Austria/Slovakia at the end of March modelling the beautiful sweater that we bought for him - so gorgeous and unique.