Tumaini Children’s Project

Tumaini means "hope" in Swahili, Kenya's national language. In 2006, Tumaini Children's Project (TCP) began working in the town of Kisumu, providing financial support to two locally-run AIDS orphanages by purchasing food and clothing; paying school fees; and helping to cover the immediate bills like rent and water. Julie & Claire both sponsor 2 awesome girls excited about learning: Mary Vivian Awuor & Vivian Odhiambo.

Mary Vivian Awuor, August 2013

In the last few years, TCP's role has evolved into a two-pronged approach: while we continue to provide funds to educate children, we also design and fund small projects that allow orphans in other regions of Western Kenya to continue their education or acquire much needed job skills. Young Canadians design and implement projects based on our local partners' development needs. All funds raised during the course of our projects go back to the community.

TCP's goal is to provide measurable changes in small but significant ways. Through TCP, Kenyan children have the opportunity to grow, and become contributing members of their communities.