The JKT Pumpkin Patch 2015

Thank you to everyone that came out in the rain to donate to the Daily Bread foodbank, get a great pumpkin and to see what the JKT was dressed as this year! We were The Holidays!!! Below we have Julie as a Crazy Cupid on Valentines Day and Jen Palacios was Canada Day! Can you find Steph as the bright Easter Egg? And Claire loves Christmas so much she channeled Rudolph! Tyler was the New Year's Eve Father Time, Gini was a Pilgrim celebrating Thanksgiving and Holly's was the brilliant and witty Sand-Witch!

File 2015 10 26 12 34 00 PM
Our very good client TK and her 2 boys that love candy!
File 2015 10 26 12 34 33 PM
Sarah and Grant Blakeley stopped by to say hi!
File 2015 10 26 12 34 57 PM
The Riley's came to get a pumpkin and a few candies!
File 2015 10 26 12 35 27 PM
Chris Jones, Christine Williams, Oliver and Digby all dropped by!
File 2015 10 26 12 36 20 PM
Jen with Amber and Derek and both kids in Bloor West Village.
IMG 8265
Part of the team setting up for the big day.
IMG 8267
Miss Canada Day - IAM Canadian!
IMG 8270
Thanksgiving, Easter, New Year's, Hallowe'en, Canada Day and Valentines!
IMG 8271
We're the Holidays!
IMG 8273
First donation and pumpkin to go.
IMG 8274
IMG 8275
New Years is falling apart already...
IMG 8277
A colourist from the local beauty salon grabbed a pumpkin. 
IMG 8278
Diane Buckell stops by each year.
IMG 8280
IMG 8281
2 loots bags please!
IMG 8283
We've got a donation!
IMG 8285
Our pal Patty with her shy grandson, Caleb.
IMG 8286
Oh the love.
IMG 8287
It's a drive by donation!
IMG 8290
It's getting busy.
IMG 8293
Julie's wife Mary and her good friend Patty!
IMG 8296
Jen getting fresh with her friend and Bloor West Village owner Leslie Maunder.
IMG 8298
Griffin loves this bowling game!
IMG 8301
Steph and her very good friend Jen Meehan with daughter Sophia
IMG 8304
It's pouring rain, but that does not stop us!
IMG 8305
IMG 8306
The fabulous O'Tooles come by each year!
IMG 8309
We were being watched all day.
IMG 8310Game time
IMG 8312
Too cute!
IMG 8315
Serious pumpkin picking is happening here.
IMG 8316
Gini is directing everyone out of the rain?
IMG 8318
Julie with the St. Arnault's.
IMG 8319
Just watching the rain fall..
IMG 8320
Holly with Kelly McCahill
IMG 8322
Everybody gets a lootbag!
IMG 8325
Julie the crazy cupid with Kelly McCahill.
IMG 8326
A very happy customer!
IMG 8328
Roll that pumpkin home!
IMG 8334
Candy Carnage
IMG 8335
The cutest dragon ever!
IMG 8336
Alyea & Scott Henderson with their son Simon drop by.
IMG 8337
Not quite sure what to do with the lootbag.
IMG 8339
Simon gets a boost to help pick the best pumpkin.
IMG 8340
Photo op!
IMG 8341
So cute!
IMG 8343
We've got a dragon and some playdoh cuteness!
IMG 8344
Susan Wood is a huge supporter of the JKT!
IMG 8350
Sherri and Sarah Fraser came by to say hi!
IMG 8351
NYE helping out.
Rudolph is figuring out what Tyler is.
IMG 8358
Oh it's New Year's Eve!
IMG 8359
Lauren and Wren stopped by for a pumpkin!
IMG 8361
This gentleman stopped by because he is Bill Kinnear! No relation.
IMG 8363
A cupid about to take flight?
IMG 8368

New Year's Eve and Rudolph get out of the rain.

IMG 8369
Jen's friend Jill came to get a pumpkin.
IMG 8372
All smiles in the rain.
IMG 8375
Sondra Palacios always comes by to support the JKT!
IMG 8376
Hanging out under the tent.
IMG 8382
Picked a good one!
IMG 8383
Carolyn Christo and her family!
IMG 8384
The happiest little boy, Robbie!
IMG 8386
Julie with her dearest friends and clients, Allan and Christine MacDonald

with their 2 little guys, Angus and Robbie.

IMG 8387
Angus picking out a pumpkin for the family.
IMG 8388
Cute and Cuter
IMG 8390
Angus & Rudolph hit it off!
IMG 8391
Randy and Jen Comish with the kidlets.
IMG 8396
Picking pumpkins.
IMG 8397
I love the sweater
IMG 8399
David and Lukas always come by to say hi!
IMG 8406
Cynthia Kinch, a huge refer-er to the JKT!
IMG 8409
The sugar is kicking in...
IMG 8410
The sugar has kicked in.
IMG 8411
Janet Logan, Julie and Jen in Leaside! (last photo of the day)