Video Testimonials

Clients who bought with The Julie Kinnear Team

Happy Clients Kyle and Evelyn bought their first home with the help of Tyler Delaney

Happy Buyers Caleigh and Dan found the perfect home with Holly Chandler

First time buyers looking for a fixer-upper in the East End!

Jordan and Annemarie moved into their first dream home!

Theresa is thrilled with her new loft in Roncy00:29

First time buyers Ryan & Natalie are so excited with their new Mimico Home00:16

Janet & Tom safely settled with blended family00:47

Matt and Ulana loved working with Holly and the Julie Kinnear Team00:52

Anne and Paul bought a house in East Danforth with the help of the Julie Kinnear Team01:21

Fergus talks about working with Tyler and the JKT to buy his home in Old East York01:31

Rich talks about helping his daughter buy her first condo in Roncesvalles,Toronto with the JKT00:49

Jen K finds her perfect condo in High Park - interesting story she shares!00:29

Bree & Trevor and family loving High Park

Jodi & Ben family moved to Toronto from Europe with help from The Julie Kinnear Team00:43

Shelley & Aiden's happy story!

Amber & Everett loved their buying experience00:14

Felicia and Brian

Lauren is a brand new client!00:43

Sam & Owen - Patience & Advice Helped Young Family Focus When Buying & Ensure Successful sale

Josh and Jenna are happy with the purchase of their pre-build church conversion condo!

First Time Buyers Frank and Melissa find the perfect house - The Julie Kinnear Team

Cynthia quickly found an affordable condo she loves with the Julie Kinnear Team02:30

Alison and Joe love the house they found with the JKT!01:28

John and Sheila: Family Loved the Experience with the Julie Kinnear Team

Kristen Shares a Quick Thank You to the Julie Kinnear Team!00:12

Julie and Jean-Francois are Happy Toronto Home Owners!01:07

Jen and Michel - Real Life Story of Buying a Home in Toronto03:22

Lisa Bought a Great Condo in Roncesvalles00:18

Ann and Luke: Newlyweds Just Bought a House00:32

Roger and Ele Buy Their First Home with Help from The Julie Kinnear Team!00:22

Phil and Amanda buy their First Home in North Toronto!00:25

Kunal Purchased a New Condo with Help from The Julie Kinnear Team!00:51

Robert and Hayley rave about Holly Chandler from The Julie Kinnear Team01:13

Adam, Erin and Stella - enjoyed Holly from The Julie Kinnear Team

Harry and Melissa Love their High Park House01:52

Jamie and Beverly: Loving their new Toronto home!00:35

Linda and David found the perfect house02:04

Julie had a great JKT experience00:30

Kevin & Jennifer - Happy Julie Kinnear Team clients00:40

Amy and Sandra Love their new home01:07

Patty was referred and now is a huge FAN of The Julie Kinnear Team!00:47

Laura - found the spirit of her own home00:46

Alex and Sean - two very happy clients!00:53

Jen and Josh loved working with Holly and the Julie Kinnear Team00:27

Ivan and Vanessa buy a great house in Riverdale01:27

Tamara and Pawel - Excited First Time Homeowners!

Adam & Fontaine01:11

Clients who bought & sold with The Julie Kinnear Team  

Happy Clients for 13 years Madhu and Kedar sold and bought with The Julie Kinnear Team

Clients sold their family home after 63 years and bought new condo with the Julie Kinnear Team!

Steve and Lindsey's happy family found a bigger home with the help of Tyler Delaney

JKT helps Allison sell her home and win a bidding war!

Cliff and Amanda had a wonderful experience buying and selling with Holly Chandler

Barb & Luis Sold and Bought with The Julie Kinnear Team

Louise loved how the JKT always stayed in touch!

Allan MacDonald, COO of Canadian Tire-Amazing Client Testimonial for his realtors

Family Sells & Buys in Roncesvalles High Park with The JKT

Megan & Scott are moving up homes with The JKT

Claudio and Marcela enjoyed a seamless experience with Holly & The Julie Kinnear Team02:31

Private video

Dave & Belinda sold their condo & bought another in downtown Toronto with The JKT00:33

Mary Lou bought and sold with the JKT!!00:41

Jessica & Alex building multi-generational urban dream home in Downtown Toronto

Linda thrilled as she downsized homes in preparation of Retirement

Sean and Katherine and daughters move up homes with The Julie Kinnear Team

Martha starts an exciting new chapter in her new Regent Park Condo with the help of the JKT!00:46

Demore and Shauna: The JKT Sold our condo and helped us Buy a house!01:36

Nancy is a happy client!00:39

Kevin & Alissa tell why they used The Julie Kinnear Real Estate Team in Toronto00:53

Heather & Bryan's 2 year search - Found "the house" soon after new baby! Thanks Julie Kinnear Team

Thinking of moving up in homes? Hear Lorin's thrilling experience with their real estate team00:34

Daniela and Mike Move From a Condo to a House With Help From The Julie Kinnear Team

Julia & Marty Sold Condo and Bought a New Home

Justine & Ben - Our Buying Real Estate in Toronto in 2012 Story!

Happy in their fantastic North Leaside home, Toronto!

Penny and Phillip: A Happy Buy/Sell Experience01:12

Rhys and Meredith love the JKT!04:12

Matt and Ali share their story

Kathryn: Happy buyer and seller00:36

Gerald: Another Buy/Sell Happy Julie Kinnear Team Client!00:37

Andrew and Sabine: Very happy Buy/Sell Customers

Jen C raves about The JKT and adds Julie in costume00:25

Beth and Maddie00:41

Christina & Josh sold their condo, bought a house - no problem!

Denise and Gwyndolene echo the happy JKT sentiments00:46

Catherine is a Julie Kinnear Team supporter01:41

Mike & Toni - bought and sold and are thrilled clients

Ellen and Leslie Testimonial01:13

Susan trusts Julie & The JKT!00:34

Mo successfully selling condo & buying townhome!00:26

Courtney B. video testimonial00:47

Ginger is a cheerleader for The Julie Kinnear Team00:12

Clients who sold with The Julie Kinnear Team