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Jennifer Palacios is an experienced sales representative and an energetic and outgoing real estate consultant. Jen works with both buyers & sellers primarily in the Central core and the East end of Toronto.

Prior to her 13 years in real estate with the JKT, Jen's many successful years in corporate sales at Roots Canada taught her outstanding communication skills and great attention to detail - major assets to you as you buy and sell your home! Her dedication, fun humour and love of people will definitely benefit you when progressing through the process.

Aside from her work with the Julie Kinnear Team, Jen is an outdoor enthusiast who loves tennis, horseback riding on the trails in Caledon, and playing with her dogs, Oscar & Nessy. In fact, she is fondly known by many in her boutique-style Leaside condo building on McRae Drive, as 'Oscar & Nessy's Mom'!

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Jen on the horse

Jen is our resident Leaside expert as she loves the neighbourhood so much, she grew up there and has never left. She knows Toronto intimately, having grown up in North Toronto. In fact, you might run into her along the Bayview strip where she enjoys the many small shops that have been there since she was a little girl.

You may also find that Jen likes to venture farther afield: with countries like Australia, Peru and Holland already under her travel belt! She has also volunteered as a counselor and Program Director for 7 summers at Camp Oochigeas, a camp for children with cancer.

Jennifer can be reached by phone at 416 319 6534 or email her at

6 Fun Facts About Jen

1. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been on holiday?

"I had to check the atlas for this one. It was a toss between Laos & Australia, but I’m pretty sure Australia is farther. I went to Sydney for the Olympics when I was working with Roots."

2. What would be your dream sandwich?

"Anything with fresh bread and cheese!"

3. What was your favourite birthday?

"I have enjoyed all my birthdays, however, I do have a great memory of one in particular. On a trip to Spain to visit my Father’s family, our entire family was up-graded to first-class. I was about 7 & the flight attendants gave me a cake. I was allowed to take a piece of cake into the pilot. I was mesmerized by all the controls and seeing the view from the front window. The pilot was really nice too — I’ve loved men in uniform ever since!!"

4. What’s your most used word?

"Fantastic from what I am told!"

5. What’s your favourite Movie quote?

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

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