Andrew & Sabine Happy About Buying and Selling


    Jen: "Here I am with Andrew and Sabine! Tell us your story, guys!"

    Sabine: "We have basically a two and a half week whirlwind of buying a house and selling our condo. We met with Jen - I think it was on a Friday - and the following week, we saw the listing for the house that we were interested in. So we went to see this house. It was actually the first house that we had seen - we did see a house a year and a half earlier but on this search it was our first one - and we loved it and decided to buy it that day, so we did! And then we were suddenly faced with: “Oh my god, we have to sell the condo!”

    Andrew: "So we took off four days, we followed all the advice of the Julie Kinnear team to get our place ready and we got it together, we put it on the market on Tuesday afternoon, there were people who have seen it on Wednesday and by Thursday we had multiple offers and we accepted and signed off so we sold our place in two days! And even more exciting part was that an independent television company wanted to use our place as a set for upcoming HD TV show, which was like totally awesome and so we’re looking forward to seeing that as well."

    Jen: "Wow! So, overall it sounds like it was a great experience!"

    Sabine: "We got so much support from the Julie Kinnear team! We loved working with Jen for buying our house, because Jen was so awesome and was just such a good listener! And the with selling the condo, Julie was, well she is a major go-getter and so, she gave us all the support we needed for whipping the condo into shape and she just did an awesome job with marketing our place and selling it."

    Andrew: "We’re organisational nerds and Julie Kinnear team are much the same, when we met with them. They have their very set process that they like to follow and we really liked that. And we already had all the neighbourhoods, or some of the neighbourhoods mapped on Google Maps - the schools we wanted. And they were very responsive and it was almost right off that, that there was a lot of synergy or agreement in terms of what we wanted to do."

    Jen: "Well thank you so much and we loved working with you guys as well!"


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