How to get rid of leaves

Autumn leaves by Vladimir Agafonkin
Autumn leaves by Vladimir Agafonkin

It is the same every year: the summer ends, the children go back to school and again you realize that while the summer is a really cool part of the year with the sun and vacations and all the rest of it, deep down in your heart you know you are an autumn person. Whether you are driving to work or just walking down the street minding your own business, you cannot take your eyes away from all that beauty covering everything in sight, silencing your steps. You wish you could be 10 years old again so that you could run up and down the street, kicking your way through the millions of leaves that make up Autumns Golden Gown.

But leaves are not just pretty to look at - they could be pretty hard work to get rid of. If you struggle every year with this task, you might be ready for some useful tips on how to get rid of leaves. Read more in the second post of our Toronto Homeowners Guide.

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