Matt & Ali Share Their Story


    Matt & Ali share their wonderful story! A single guy buying 10 years ago with Julie Kinnear and then falling in love and buying and selling with The Julie Kinnear Team again!

    Matt: "I'm Matthew."

    Ali: "I'm Ali."

    Matt: "And this is the story of our new house! It started almost ten years ago when I spent some time, a long time, looking for a house and ended up buying a renovator's dream and spent about four years slowly renovating it myself. It was a great place and even better when Ali moved in about a year and a half ago and then we've realized that as much as we loved the house, we really needed to find something that would be bigger for hopefully our expanding family. And so our search began! It was pretty exciting, it was difficult to leave were we have been but it was the right decision and great karma - we found a place really quickly and here we are!"

    Ali: "A place we loved - it spoke to us right away and it was an easy decision!"

    Matt: "It was really easy and I think the neighbourhood is great now, it's gonna be more fantastic as it continues to develop, it shares a lot in common with the Junction - more than just the name and I think in the next couple of years the neighbourhood we moved into is going to be very much like the neighbourhood we've moved from and that makes us feel really excellent. So, we're super happy about our new home and looking forward to sharing it with friends and family in the years to come."


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