Toronto Real Estate Newsletter February 2023 – Kinnear’s Komments

Vol. 31, Issue 3, March 2023

Julie's Scoop

Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day! A great chance to spread some love and gratitude out in the world and to those closest to you!

All is well with the JKT, each of us is working and doing some travelling. Our buyers and sellers and lease clients are prepping homes for the spring market, and buyers are eagerly anticipating the new listings that come available. We are also dealing with plenty of multiple offer situations!

Headlines can be click-bait and misleading so beware of what you are reading, and take a lot of it with a big grain of salt. We are happy to help you navigate the “misinformation”. I still continue to be amazed in this business how when the market is up and flying there are crazy negative articles written, same with when it’s not flying high. It always seems the sky is falling!

Realistically, as my financial advisor told me, things can’t always be up, and that we have to expect this type of thing, and ride it out. Prices have stayed relatively stable over the past few months. In the long run real estate is a great investment for both quality of life, and financially a valuable asset. There is also the timeless saying - “it’s best to buy and sell in the same market” (then it doesn’t matter what the rest of the market is doing!).

Good questions nowadays - Do you buy first or sell first? Is it a good time to list? What is going on with prices? How much is my home worth? Those are important discussions to have with one of our team members.

There has been a significant decline in the # of transactions from a year ago. A lot of that is traditional seasonal slow down that occurs in “normal” years, and a lot of it is uncertainty/ watching / waiting / fear / stubbornness.

Ironically what is creating a steadying force, is the lack of inventory. Holding back offers and setting an offer date, selling the first day of listing etc. is happening right now here in Toronto. Sound familiar?

B of C have indicated they are planning on halting the rise in rates, the stock markets are improving, and people getting used to the “old rates” is all helping. We are still going to have to see what happens with homeowners who have to renew mortgages or are struggling under the excessive new variable rates. Often second properties like investments or cottages are the first to sell in a pinch. This could be a good opportunity for first time buyers who are open to look at properties with income in it, as rents are solid. Condos haven’t actually changed value as much - ie. down on average 6.5% from the near peak last January. All very interesting and hopeful!

One new positive incentive for first time buyers you may not have heard much of yet is the Tax-Free First Home Savings Account - starts April 1st, 2023. Individuals can contribute $8,000 per year up to $40,000. Like an RRSP…No tax when putting in, and it’s like a TFSA when pulling out. No tax to pay. You won’t have to repay it back like an RRSP. You can’t have owned a house within the last four years but can buy in the 5th year.

Speaking of headlines - the identity theft in Ontario where people are actually successfully selling properties that are not theirs, and closing on deals is a bigger issue than ever. I have learned that title insurance does cover some of it, to a point, but only up to potentially double what you paid in the first place, so anyone who bought a while ago will need to upgrade. It is something to look into.

We are most grateful for the trust you have placed in us with referring the JKT to your friends and family.

guiding you home™,

P.S. Please reach out if you or someone you know is looking for trusted advice in the current market. 

Quote of the Day: 


Krazy Kontest Winners…Kongratulations!

We are continuing the theme for prizes of a $75 GC to the restaurant of your choice and supporting local businesses!

January Winner was Cynthia Kinch! Cynthia chose a $75 GC to Mildred’s Temple Kitchen restaurant in Liberty Village!

The JKT - A few of our Favourite Things:


  • One of my favourite things is the gluten-free bakery The Bread Essentials! Their sourdough bread makes even better toast than regular bread. They have the best chicken samosas and pies and their croissants are amazing. They carry a large selection of gluten-free and nut-free items and can do dairy-free as well. It might not look like much inside but the line-ups Saturday am, speaks volumes of their products!


  • First-time visit to Koerner Hall! Had a wonderful time with friends enjoying the world-renowned Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing Ludwig Van and Mussorgsky’s Pictures From An Exhibition. Riccardo Muti conducting. What a treat! Great seating! Incredible acoustics! Can’t wait to go again, soon! Lots to love about TO!!


  • Puzzle Tabletop Easel.

    This has a bit of MAGIC in it too! It is almost unbelievable that the pieces stay in place as I raise the angle of the puzzle board! I can lay flat or use the easel while sitting down or standing to angle the light perfectly. Versatile and comfortable.

    Big enough for a standard 1500 piece puzzle! Includes a hardboard cover with clips to secure my puzzle in progress - can store flat under a sofa or in a closet or go through doorways.

  • Quordle! I know last year I mentioned that I was hooked on Wordle from NYT. Well, it was a bit of a game changer to learn about Quordle. You solve 4 x 5 letter word puzzles at once with the same hints, you get 9 chances to finish all 4. The best part is that if you have a little time on your hands, you can do as many as you want in a day, you don’t have to wait for 24 hours like in the past.


  •  My Favourite thing in January is pretty unavailable in Toronto. I was lucky enough to be in Palm Springs, CA for a week! Winter in the desert is quite magical. Sunrises over the mystical mountains are inspiring. Early morning dog walks in a meadow of lush green grass was the best start to the day.


  • BOSE Sleepbuds! If you live with a snorer or are a light sleeper, these are incredible! Super comfortable to sleep in, comes with three different size tips. They are noise cancelling and play white noise and other soothing sounds through an easy to use smartphone app. I can finally sleep!


  • Winter Scenery! Most of us wish for winter to pass quickly because of the cold, but the views are beautiful. If you’re surrounded by greenery and going for a walk or driving in or out of the city, you will experience some great city sightseeing. These are a few pics from the Bluffs:

Market Watch ~ Market Adjustment - See Below for CITY OF TORONTO results.

Watch Julie's analysis:


Mortgage Rates


Michael Boccia from Mortgage Train Tip of the Month - Net Worth Program
Some lenders offer programs that allow for higher qualification by using the client's asset value in addition to their provable income. This can increase qualification significantly and assist them in getting the mortgage they need to make their dream purchase. Great for buyers who are self employed or have more assets than strictly income.

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Parkinson Canada leads the way in funding research, support groups & navigating the medical system. Let’s be part of the global quest for a cure and create a world without Parkinson's.

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