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Every parent is looking for a safe neighbourhood with easy access to parks and recreational activities, but nothing may be more important than finding a home in a good school district.

Did you know that moving as little as one block over can establish which schools your kids will attend? Whether you're looking for public, private, Catholic, alternative schools or daycares, there are many things to consider.

We can help you decipher which streets and pockets of the city will be the best place for you to focus your search and set your family up for some of the best education Toronto has to offer — give us a call!

In the meantime, there are several online resources parents can use to find the best fit for them and their children!

Barring a few exceptions, every school in the Toronto District School Board is listed here. You can also search any address to find out what district the property is currently falling into. If you are looking for a catholic school, visit Toronto's Catholic District School Board website here.

Comparing Schools

The Province of Ontario's Education Quality and Accountability Office, or the EQAO, measures the number of students at or above the provincial standard in subjects like math, reading, and writing and scores them on a percentage basis. This includes private, Catholic and Separate schools as well.

You can also be proactive in your search for the best neighbourhoods and school districts by using the rankings and maps provided by The Fraser Institute here.

Specialized Schools and Programs

Don't forget that extracurricular activities can open doors for your kids' future too. Universities might take special notice if your child excels on a successful sports team, a love of the arts might propel your child toward an interesting career in Toronto’s thriving cultural industries.

If you want to focus on your child's unique gifts, the Toronto District School Board has curated a list of schools with unique curricula that range from the Arts to Athletic programs.

Toronto also has an impressive list of International Baccalaureate (I.B.) schools which might be the very best for your family. These schools offer more comprehensive education, and their graduation requirements surpass those of conventional high school diplomas in Ontario.


Although it might be daunting to leave your child in the care of others, daycares are integral for children during their formative years and the only option for most of the working parents.

Fortunately, for every child care provider who has a service contract, the City of Toronto uses the Assessment for Quality Improvement (AQI), which outlines clear expectations, service standards and guidelines. A list of these daycare centres and their ratings can be found at the City of Toronto website.

The waitlist for child care programs can be long, so the City of Toronto advice to register early — here is their online service that makes it easy to apply for the registration.

The Value of a Good Education

School rankings and the neighbourhood's parental involvement have a significant impact on a property's current and future price — it is true, a good school district often comes with a higher price tag.

Although it might mean higher initial investment, investing in a home within reach of a good education can mean significantly higher resale values. Also, homes within reach to good schools tend to sell much more quickly.

But it is also important to note that in tougher economic times, prices in the vicinity of good schools are likely to remain relatively healthy. What's more, school catchment areas do change based on several factors, so the resale value of your future property shouldn't be your only motivation.

Whether you are expecting your first child or already looking for a secondary school, there are many aspects to consider depending on your family needs. Be sure to get in touch with us for more information, we will happily guide and protect you through the whole process.

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