Signing the Listing Agreement

The first formal step in marketing your property is to enter into a Listing
Agreement – a contract that commits the Julie Kinnear team to actively market your home for a specified period of time.
The listing agreement outlines the rights & responsibilities of both parties.

In order to facilitate the listing process, our office will require the following documents:

  • Signing The Listing Agreement
  • Plan of Survey

A survey of your property which outlines the lot size and location of buildings as well as details of encroachments from neighbouring properties. Your legal professional may recommend that you obtain a survey, especially if significant changes have been made to your property.

Deed or Title Search

This document is a legal description of your property and proof that you own it.

Status Certificate (applicable only for condos)

A set of documents that can be ordered from your property management office, at your expense. The documents outline such thing as the condo rules by-laws, and once an offer is put in on your condo, the buyer's lawyer will likely need to review the status certificate before signing off on a firm offer. It is a good idea to order the status certificate early on in the listing period so you will be prepared.

Property Tax Receipt or Amount

The Listing Agreement requires that the current annual property tax assessment is shown.

Other Documentation

It will help the sale of your property if you can provide prospective buyers with information on such items as annual heating, electrical and water expenses.

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