Parking in Toronto | Permits, Shared Driveways and Parking Pads

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The parking law in Toronto is quite complicated so we gather the most important information which can be applied to all kinds of situations and put together a guide for you.

Parking Permits

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In Toronto, you can't park anywhere for more than three hours without a permit, and in most areas, there are two types of permits you can get:

Six and Twelve month term resident-only permits

This type of permit is issued to residents on a six month basis, but you can apply for a permit for two consecutive terms: December to May, or June to November. Fees for this permit vary according to a priority system based on need:

No access to on-site parking for resident's first vehicle $15.06/month plus HST
No access to on-site parking for resident's second and any subsequent vehicles $37.70/month plus HST
Resident does have access to on-site parking (permit is for convenience) $52.78/month plus HST
Re-issue $6.87/permit plus HST

Temporary resident or visitor permits

This type of permit provides 24-hour, 48-hour and weekly on-street parking within the limits of a permit parking street or area provided space is available.

24-hour permit $9.00 plus HST
48-hour permit $13.51 plus HST
one week permit $21.09 plus HST

Temporary parking permit can be purchased on-line up to maximum of 1 week in advance of the date required. If you need a longer permit, you have to visit the Permit Parking office, where you can purchase a permit up to a maximum of 2 weeks in advance and up to a maximum of 8 consecutive weeks.

For all the information and by-laws on Permit Parking click here.

Accessible parking permits

parkingFreshly Painted Handicap Wheelchair Parking Sign in Parking Lot by D.Sharon Pruitt

There are five types of accessible parking permits:

Permit Eligibility Validity Renewal
Regular/permanent permit People with permanent disabilities Five years Without re-certification from health care practitioner
Subject-to-change permit People with disability that is considered subject to change Five years Required to be re-certified by a health care practitioner
Temporary permit People with disability expected to last no more than 12 months Depends on the disability Not renewable
Traveller's permit Individuals who hold a valid Accessible Parking Permit and plan to fly from any Ontario airport One year Renewable
Company permit Companies and non-profit organizations that own or lease vehicles used to transport people with physical disabilities Five years Renewable

Accessible parking permits are free of charge. They are issued by the provincial government, Ministry of Transportation, and placed on the dashboard. Applications can be picked up at any ServiceOntario centre or downloaded here. Persons with Disabled Parking Permits can apply for Designated Disabled Street Parking Spaces issued by the City's Transportation Services, Traffic Operations.

If a person wants to obtain an Accessible Parking Permit, they must meet certain eligibility criteria. You can find them here. Medical condition must be certified by an Accessible Parking Permit (APP) program's recognized health practitioner.

Front Yard and Boulevard Parking

Front Yard Parking

Off-street parking is not available in all Toronto districts. You can find the licensed locations here. But even in the areas where this is possible, there are laws that can stop you from parking your car in front of your house. You may wonder why is there a law that forbids you to use your front yard as a parking spot, but the City of Toronto has its reasons for these regulations, like for example insuring the replenishment of ground water level to provide water to our trees, ensuring that our storm water system remains adequate to collect storm water or preventing the development of urban heat island effect that increases temperatures in cities.

For all the information an by-laws on Parking On Residential Front Yard And Boulevards click here.

Driveway Parking

Older houses didn't always have driveways and today owners have to build new ones. All new houses must be built with a driveway. You should be aware of that if you buy a house that has a driveway, this doesn't necessarily mean you have the right to park there. A front yard parking license isn't automatically transferred to the new owner of the property, therefore after buying a house, you have to apply for the licence. You can apply for a licence providing that on-site parking is neither available nor feasibly accessible, by means of a driveway or a contiguous street or lane.

There are certain wards in Toronto where front yard/boulevard parking isn't available

Application for a licence to park on any portion of a boulevard shall not be accepted for residential properties located within Wards:

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 16 (portion outside former City of Toronto, excluding the portion east of Avenue Road, south of Brooke Avenue in the former City of North York and excluding Woburn Avenue between Avenue Road and Grey Road in the former City of North York),
  • 23, 24, 25 (portion outside former City of Toronto),
  • 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44.

A front yard parking application shall not be accepted for front yard parking for residential properties located within the area of the former City of Toronto in Wards:

  • 14, 18, 19, 20, 27, 28, 30 and 31.

A front yard parking application shall not be accepted for residential properties located within Ward:

  • 26, which do not have an existing mutual driveway.

Conditions for Building Front Yard Parking Pad

If you want to build a front yard parking pad, you have to follow certain conditions. You can find all of them in the by-law, but we've chosen some of them which I think most of people may need to know about.

  1. The front yard parking pad has to be constructed to slope upward at a 2 percent to 6 percent gradient from the rear edge of the sidewalk or curb, where no sidewalk exists, to the private property.
  2. The proposed front yard parking pad must be paved with permeable paving material.
  3. The width of the front yard parking pad must not be less than 2.2 metres and not more than 2.6 metres, except for a front yard parking pad licensed to the holder of a disabled person's parking permit which shall not be more than 3.66 metres in width.
  4. The total length of the front yard parking pad can not be less than 5.3 metres and not be more than 5.9 metres.
  5. Any driveway leading to a front yard parking pad must be maximum of 2.0 metres in length measured from the rear edge of the sidewalk or, where no sidewalk exists, the face of the curb or edge of the roadway and maximum of 2.6 metres in width.
  6. You can not park less than 0.3 metre from: the back edge of the public sidewalk, any door of any residential building (measured perpendicular to the door) the bottom step of any stairs, any basement or ground floor window in any residential building (measured perpendicular to the window, and in the case of a basement window).
  7. The front yard parking pad has to be situated vertical to the adjacent sidewalk and, if there is no sidewalk, vertical to the face of the curb.
  8. An angled front yard parking pad may be permitted only where there are obstructions such as fire hydrants, trees, and hydro poles or if the front yard or boulevard is not deep to accommodate the motor vehicle from being parked vertical to the adjacent sidewalk or curb.In the case of a mutual driveway, the proposed front yard parking pad cannot be located within the existing mutual driveway, but can be constructed adjacent to the mutual driveway, while maintaining the existing grade of the mutual driveway.

There are some other interesting rules regarding your private parking:

  • If you have a single car garage you are allowed to park one car in the garage and one in the driveway.
  • If you have a double car garage you can park two in the garage and two in the driveway.

This two rules apply mostly to the people who are building new houses, but if you want to update your old driveway, you should be aware that:

  • If you own a single car garage and you want to widen your driveway for two cars, you would be declined the permit.
  • If you had a double car garage you would be approved to widen your driveway.

When applying for a front yard parking licence and planning to build a front yard parking pad you also have to be aware of the conditions regarding landscaping.

Conditions for Landscaped Open Space

Front yard landscaping

  • For lots less than 15 metres a minimum of 50 percent of the boulevard and front yard must be maintained as landscaped open space.
  • For lots greater than 15 metres a minimum of 60 percent of the boulevard and front yard must be maintained as landscaped open space.

Front yard soft landscaping

  • A minimum of 75 percent of the boulevard and front yard must be maintained as soft landscaping. The remaining 25 percent of this area will be permitted as hard surface such as walkways, patios, and other hard surface areas.
  • Hard surface paving areas must be separated from driveways, front yard parking pads and walkways by means of a permanent physical barrier.
  • Walkways located on the boulevard from the back edge of the sidewalk or back of curb to the property line shall not have a width greater than 1.05 metres.

This is just a general summary and the conditions may vary depending on your lot size and characteristics as well as your location. For more information contact the appropriate District office.

To help you decide how much landscaping you have to have, here are some examples

Determine your maximum driveway width

1. You have to determine your lot frontage. This is the distance between your side lot lines at the front of your lot.

2. You have to determine how wide your driveway can be. With a lot frontage of 16 m, your maximum driveway width may be 6 m.

Determine your required front landscaping

1. To determine the area of your front yard, you should multiply your lot frontage by your front yard setback. In this case, the lot frontage is 16 m and the front yard setback is 6 m. The area of the front yard is: 16m*6m = 96 square metres.

2. Now determine how much of your front yard needs to be landscaped. The lot frontage in this case is 16 m, you are required to have 60% of your front yard as landscaped open space.

Determine required front yard soft landscaping

1. You have to determine your lot frontage. This is the distance between your side lot lines at the front of your lot.

2. You have to determine how wide your driveway can be. With a lot frontage of 16 m, your maximum driveway width may be 6 m.

Determine your required front landscaping

1. You have to determine the area of your front yard not including the area taken up by your driveway. So, if the front yard area is 96 square meters and the driveway area is 6 m*4 m=24 square meters. Area not included is the front yard area minus the driveway area so 96 square meters - 24 square meters = 72 square meters.

The requirement for front yard soft landscaping is 75% of the front yard area, not including the area occupied by a driveway. In our case 72 square metres (front yard area - driveway area) * 0.75= 54 square metres. So, 54 square meters of your front yard area must be soft landscaping.

Conditions for Tree Planting

  • No person shall remove a tree for the purpose of the front yard parking.
  • The applicant agrees to plant a tree in the front yard. If you don't do this on your own, the City will do it, but you will have to pay a fee, which will be added to your tax roll and collected in the same manner.

For more information and by-laws on Trees click here, and if you are interested in Standard Planting Options click here.

Removal of The Parking Pads

In an effort to maximize green space and preserve community streetscapes, the City currently has an incentive programs for restoring paved areas to sod.

If you are currently licensed for front yard parking but wish to relinquish the front yard parking licence and have the paved area restored to sod, the City, at its expense, will:

  • plant a City tree in the boulevard in front of the house where feasible,
  • re-sod the boulevard area or Re-sod the boulevard and front yard parking area,
  • remove the curb cut,
  • provide free downspout disconnection service where feasible,
  • offer a free water conservation audit to the property owner and
  • where it is available in accordance with other City by-laws, provide one year's free on-street permit parking, for one vehicle in the household.

The preservation and planting of street trees is crucial to the main-
tenance of healthy residential streetscapes and can play an important role in minimizing the effect of Front Yard, Driveway Widening and Boulevard Parking. To provide sufficient space for tree growth and planting, it is necessary to limit the amount of paving or impervious material such as concrete or interlocking brick used in front yards and on City boulevards.

Increased use of pervious materials will provide greater water infiltration to support trees and vegetation, in addition to diverting rainflow from the sewer system.

Protection of the Street Trees

It is also important to consolidate tree planting areas to create places for trees to grow to maturity.

Paving in proximity to City trees must comply with the following specifications contained in Building Division Streetscape Manual:

Small Trees

  • trees under 10 centimetres (4 inches) in diameter permeable surface
  • treatment required 1.2 to 2.4 metres (4 to 8 feet) from tree
  • no mechanical excavation within 2.4 metres of tree

Medium Trees

  • trees 10-50 centimetres (4-20 inches) in diameter permeable surface
  • treatment required 1.6 to 2.4 metres (5.2 to 8 feet) from tree
  • no mechanical excavation within 2.4 metres of tree

Large Trees

  • trees over 50 centimetres (20 inches) in diameter permeable surface
  • treatment required 2.4 to 4 metres (8 to 13 feet) from tree
  • no mechanical excavation within 4 metres of tree

153 comments on “Parking in Toronto | Permits, Shared Driveways and Parking Pads

  1. Thanks for this informative article. We bought a house 2 years ago that already has a parking pad in front of it. Evidently two owners ago, the spot was used for years and years to park the car. Then the last owner, who never drove and had no car, put a shed in it. My question is: how do we find out if we can use the parking pad? We tried to connect with the City through 311 but no answer. Is there a specific department we should call? We consulted a lawyer too and he was not very helpful, basically said, ask the City. Thanks for any info in advance!

    1. Hi there thank you for reaching out sorry to not reply sooner I have been out of town. I am sorry that you are going through this. What does your agreement of purchase and sale say? Did you contact your lawyer that helped you with your closing because they should be able to help your review your agreement. Yes the parking department is: 416-392-2489 and here is an email that I would also contact they are very helpful anytime I have an issue.

      Let me know if I can be of any further help :)

  2. Hi,
    I’m lucky enough to have a private driveway and a backyard garage. I park my car at the beginning of the driveway and removed the concrete pavers for the rest of it and installed planters. So I essentially have a garage but no driveway. Would this affect the resale value of my home?

  3. We have a permitted parking pad in front of our house with a mutual driveway that goes back to our garage and our neighbors garage. Ever since we moved in, the neighbors have parked in the driveway with nearly half their car over the property line. I don’t believe they pay for a parking pad permit as they can’t park on only their property. Up until now we haven’t had to deal with this issue with our neighbor but now my wife is very handicapped and we need all our parking space to be made available so she can get into the car with her walker. What is your advice on how to handle this? Is there someone from the city who can speak to them? TIA

  4. I live in a detached house with a shared driveway in ward 13. The garage in the back has been removed long ago. Can I park in the back?
    Is that parking pad in the back considered part of my hardscape for calculating total hardscape? Is the mutual drive considered part of my frontage for calculating hardscape?

  5. I have lived in my detached house for almost a year. We have a driveway with a City of Toronto License number for the driveway (the driveway looks old maybe 30 years or so). The driveway does not quite fit 2 cars as my husband has to drive a large work pick up truck. Over the weekend we added a pathway along the side of the driveway and an angular area in front of our porch and covered it with river stones so that my small SUV could fit on an angle at the top of the driveway with his vehicle parked straight in the driveway behind. I guess one of my neighbours did not like this and reported us to the City and I received an infraction notice. I am trying to figure out how to apply to have this approved but all I can find is information on new parking pads not slightly expanding existing parking pads. We have made it look nice with landscaping, I don’t understand why the City wants us all clogging up the streets with cars when there are other options. Before we did this there were no trees or flowers in our front yard just very weedy brown grass due to the negligence by previous owners and the very dry summer.

    1. It will not be allowed. The city does not issue double parking pads. The city has the right idea to create a green canopy and sometimes it hinders ideas. They don’t take double parking lightly.

  6. We bought our house in 2003. House was built 1912 and for the last 50 years has a driveway built in front of the house. The front is landscape such that the driveway is inclined toward the house with drainage at the bottom. It has retaining walls on both sides. We recently got a notice that we were parking illegally. When we purchased our house the sale document indicated private drive. No mention of permits. We also check with the prior owners and they never had any issue.

    Why are we being ticketed after the driveway has been in place for 50 years?

  7. My triplex shares a driveway with the triplex next door and the landlord next door was allowing his tenants to use the mutual drive to park in.. when i brought this up to my landlord her response was to drop a giant boulder in the driveway so no one can use it .. is that legal

  8. Hi there, great summary of parking rules. I have a rental property with front pad parking. We also have a mutual drive that previously led to a garage. The previous owners turned the garage/carport into outdoor space, but kept 3 brick sides of the structure. The backyard is large and we want to provide additional parking in the backyard. Can we just add parking spots back there? It is easy by just moving the fence, but what is the process with the city.


    1. Hi Monique thanks for posting your message to us. Without seeing a copy of the survey or knowing the property I would not be able to answer that but all parking applications and permits must be approved by the city. Let us know how it works out and if there is anything else we can do to help:) The Julie Kinnear Team

  9. I share a mutual driveway with my Neighbour, can you tell me what rights I have? I have asked them many times not to block my access to the back, and they keep parking there. They also park in front of my garage in the back. Now that its getting cold I want to park in my garage, can I have them towed if they block me in? They have a double garage in the back of their house, plus enough parking for two cars, but they continue to park in the front. I had a cease & desist letter written up and mailed to them a couple of weeks ago, but they don’t seem to care. Please help?

    1. Hi Liz, sorry for not getting back to you sooner and I’m sorry that you are going through this with your neighbour. It seems awfully rude given the space they already have as you described. Without seeing the property or having a survey to look at I would not be able to comment if this is legal or not. I would give your lawyer a call who helped you when you purchased your house and have them take a look at the survey. Have you tried to have a conversation and reason with them prior to sending the cease and desist letter? Let us know how things work out.

  10. I live on Jones Ave. in the Danforth area and share the driveway with the neighbours. They do not have a car and my husband now has no car, but every week my son stays over for 2 or 3 nights.

    They have started securing their garbage and recycle bins with locks so no one can park in the driveway. We have asked them kindly to remove the bins to allow us to park and they have refused. We even offered a 50/50 usage on a monthly basis and again they have refused. Please help !!!!

  11. This is probably the best site for anyone wants to know about Front Yard Parking in Toronto. You did a great job. The By-laws changed in recent years (minor modifications). Specially for Ward# 13, 16 & 21. It would be appreciated if you can updated the blog.

    If you have any questions regarding FYP, feel free to email me.


  12. Hi,

    I live in Ward 31 in East York. I know that they do not allow for any new front yard parking permits/licenses here, however, I do share a mutual driveway with my neighbor. If the city does not allow for new front yard parking permits, does this also mean they would not allow me to slightly widen the mutual driveway and get a permit to park on the driveway? My neighbor has no issues with me parking there if I can make it happen.

  13. Hi Stephanie,

    My neighbour and I have (or used to have) a 1 meter gap between our driveways that was filled with grass. Since last summer, the neighbour has started driving onto the grass in between our houses to make more space on her driveway. There is no more grass on her side. Only mud. During the winter she was unable to do any further damage because we shovelled our snow in that area. In the past few weeks, the snow has been melting and she has resumed to drive into the mud. Every day inching closer and closer to our driveway (she’s already on our property). She must think that the mud is her side. Now she drives in so close to our driveway the she is mere inches away from literally driving onto it so that she can straighten her car in one attempt (using our grass to steer). My family is very polite and we do not want to start a problem with anyone in our neighbourhood. But she is damaging our property. And I’m pretty sure parking in the grass is illegal right? She is pushing us into a corner and leaving us very little room to stay peaceful much longer. We used to be able to take a full run back and forth with the lawn mower. It won’t even fit now.

  14. We just bought a new home in the cedarvale area of Toronto. Home has mutual drive that is too narrow to fit our car down and neighbour has an underground garage and front parking that he built years ago. We have a giant oak tree in the front (city property) so trying to change anything in the front will be very hard.
    Is there anything we can do at all to get one parking spot in the front? Every other house on our block has some sort of parking (legal or not). Also we can’t even park in the bottom of the mutual drive because the neighbour uses it as a walkway to get to the front door (even though they have the garage.
    Just want to get one parking spot. Is there no hope for us?

  15. I have a question regarding parking in the city of Toronto. I have been writing city councillors and mps regarding front yard blvd parking for years and it’s still ongoing. I’m about ready to just give up on it as it is very frustrating and having read countless comments on this site and others, it seems like a “dead end” idea. I know my ward is closed, but I was hoping for special consideration (elderly parents).
    Anyways, how about backyard parking? We have a large back yard that could easily fit 5-6 cars. It’s a semidetached with the neighbours having an equally sized lot where the other half could do the same however cannot because they would have to drive through my yard to get to theirs. My yard is currently weeds and grass and I am willing to spend money to have it properly asphated/paved. To the left of my house is a parking lot that belongs to one of the offices located a few doors down. Hurricane Katrina or whatever knocked down the fence years ago and after dismantling it,cars started to park in our yard. I’d leave notes asking not to park there and they respected my space but there were many others who didn’t and ended up parking there. I didn’t have the time and energy to chase these car owners and the following summer I eventually replaced the property line with a new fence, but left an opening for my car. So now I park in my back yard.
    One of my questions include: can the city of Toronto ticket my car while its in the back yard that’s entirely on my property? I get the front yard blvd ticket stuff because a portion of it “belongs to the city” but how about my own back yard?
    Secondly is it okay to asphalt my back yard so I don’t have to maintain it every week (grass/weeds) and eventually park my own car there more comfortably and possibly rent it out to a couple of cars who use the parking lot now. When it’s busy, they parking lot is bumper to bumper and end up fitting like 16- 18 cars. So I’m pretty sure they’d be happy to have more parking (after all, it is downtown Toronto).
    Also, if it is okay to pave (and park there), can my neighbours in my semi complain and I lose my parking privileges? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  16. Hello,

    This was a great article!

    I am currently having the following problem with my neighbour. I recently bought a house that has a mutual driveway. The neighbour parks two cars in the back. One in the garage and one outside of it. This prevents my car from getting into the backyard. I have spoken to the neighbour but they were very hostile and tell me that it’s my problem and not theirs.

    I have called 311 and they have told me to contact a lawyer since it is a civil matter. I just wanted to cover all my grounds before taking this step, so here is where I am having some issues:

    In the initial land registration, the mutual drive way is a distance of 75′ from the westerly limit of the **** Ave. Does this mean from the sidewalk or from where the property actually starts? The reason being both their cars are on their land, however I need want to check that the second car is indeed on the mutual drive or not.


  17. I live in East York with a mutual driveway.

    If I already have front yard parking, am I allowed to demolish my part of a semi-detached garage in the rear yard and replace it with a new parking pad?

    1. You can contact the Furniture Bank. You can contact Habitat for Humanity Re-store. We do not deal in furniture ourselves. We just have the information for people to contact them.

  18. I had an under the house garage and have since backfilled it. The city came and repaved the curb so there is no slant. What, if anything can i do? Can i re-open the garage? Will the city replace my curb?

  19. I just bought a home in Leslieville , and the house has a parking pad in the rear like my neighbours ; however, the previous owner of the house wanted to have bigger back yard and he extended fence which covers the rear parking pad . Now that I need to have to have parking pad and I want to change my wooden fence to have opening to park car in the currently existing parking pad , do I need a approval from the city to do ? Kindly share your insights. Appreciate any help.

    1. Hi Joe,
      It is always best to check with the City of Toronto when it comes to things like this. They will give you the exact guidelines to follow that way you will be to code!
      Good luck with everything,
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  20. Can anyone tell me what are the guidelines for having two fences between me and next door in are back yards as the guy next door wants to put one right next to mine on his property looked and found no answer

  21. Hi,

    I have a question related to this paragraph:


    . Definitions

    That portion of private property which is located:

    (1)Between the front wall of a residential building on such private property and the abutting public highway;

    The width of my property includes part of a shared driveway and my house. Based on the fact that I do not have a wall on the driveway then the FRONT YARD calculation should exclude my part of the shared driveway. This would help me when calculating the 50/50 % paved versus green.

    Can someone elaborate how to interpret this by-law.

    Thank you,

  22. I’d like to use the mutual driveway to drive my car to the back, and park it there, instead of attempting to get a permit for a front parking pad, which are impossible to get! thanks again

  23. First off, thanks for all of your helpful advice on your website!
    I have a question about my mutual driveway. I’d like to use it to go into my backyard, but my neighbour has blocked it off at the back with a fence so I can not get back there. It has always had that fence, It was there when I bought the house, 2 years ago.
    Rumour on the street says that it was indeed a mutual drive used by both properties, and that there was even a garage in my backyard at some point (it’s not there now).
    The problem is, the mutual drive isn’t/wasn’t listed in the description of my property when I bought it nor in the title. But it’s there, between our two houses.
    My lawyer didn’t advise me on any of this, nor did my real estate agent. SHOULD I have been advised by someone about my rights to this drive way? or what the implications of it are?
    What recourse do I have? – Thanks

  24. We have a single car garage with a single car driveway in front of it. We are on a corner lot and this runs along the back of our property. We would like to demolish the garage and put up a shed. I have heard that this means we could only park one car in our driveway. Is this true? We can currently fit two cars on the driveway (in tandem) without parking in the garage.

    1. Hi, I have a townhouse with a carport, one car garage.
      I am able to fit 2 small cars or one medium/large car in the driveway.
      The townhouse is freehold and want to know my rights as this is a legal driveway and as long as it is on my own property. Unfortunately I can’t expand the driveway as the pole is in the way and I do own 5′
      the property on one side. So that is for the shed and walkway.
      I know it is a legal driveway, so initially the city said no problem. He is checking the zoning>>>>

    1. Hi Ray,
      If it is a mutual drive than you have a neighbour that also pays for and uses the driveway. Any changes made would have to be considered by both parties. It is always best to notify your lawyer on making decisions such as this.
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  25. Hi there – question about mutual drives. In your experience have you ever seen a mutual drive converted to a private drive (i.e., if I purchased a home with a mutual drive and leveled it to build a new home, would there be a problem creating a private drive instead)?

    1. Hi Nick,
      If you have a mutual drive it usually means that 2 neighbours share the same drive. You would have to have to come to a decision with that neighbour. Your real estate lawyer and or the City of Toronto would be very helpful to you in this situation.
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  26. Can anyone tell me what are the guidelines for accessible parking ? Is it enough for a police officer to write a parking ticket when you park in a spot where there is no marking on the pavement ? How long should the post of warning be ?

  27. With regards to my post above: Through a friend I found a lawyer to help me with this matter. Free of charge he sent the neighbor a letter instructing them to remove the encroachments or else… They sent a reply indicating that they did nothing wrong and have no plans to fix anything – totally ignorant of mutual driveway laws. Next day they put house up for sale just as we anticipated. Lawyer suggested that we start a law suit and register a lis pendens on his title which will screw up his ability to sell. A lis pendens means a notice of pending litigation about a title matter. He said this would require a litigation lawyer and referred us to someone he knew. My mother and I met with him and left a $1000 deposit for him to start the process. A week later he sent us a letter advising us that we should obtain an updated survey accompanied by a report outlining encroachments(costs approx. $1200) and send neighbor and agent another demand letter. I reminded him that we already sent the neighbor a demand letter(outlining obvious encroachments) to no avail and that if we don’t act fast he could sell the house and that future innocent and true neighbors would unjustly inherit this issue. He advised us that a law suit described above would be costly($7500 retainer fee-$300p/h fee) and that we could pay dearly if we were wrong (ie. if we disrupt a potential sale). A couple days later we instructed him to go ahead asap with the letters hoping that the one going to the agent might be more effective. Several days passed and we heard nothing to the point that we thought he forgot about us. In desperation I called and left a message to the lawyer you recommended above in the hope for some urgent second advice. No one returned a call. On Monday the house was put off the market. I found out from agent that house will be back on the market in 10 days. For some strange reason they removed one of the major encroachments (furnace flue). But they told my mother that they have no plans to remove any of the other encroachments. At this point we decided that since the existing encroachments are not that expensive to rectify that we may be better off to resolve problems with the new owners and forget sending any letters. I could send a registered letter to agent and broker outlining issues myself for peanuts. In any case I receive an email today(it took over week) from my lawyer indicating that he has 2 draft letters for my review. I told him that at this point that they would be useless and that we no longer need his services. We thought that we would receive a partial refund from the $1000 we left him. Instead he sent us a statement that showed that his services cost a total of $2400 – FOR NOTHING. We are sick to the stomach. Here I am trying to take the legal route to help my mother with this problem only to find that if you are not well off financially someone can rob you of your land. Even if you fight and get your land back you get robbed from your lawyer. Now we are robbed of both money and land. City councilor was very sympathetic but could do nothing. Would I have been better off to buy an old wreck and drive it through driveway and rip apart encroachments ? It would definitely be cheaper. In the dictionary under the definition of sucker you will see my picture.

  28. just wanted to extend a big thank you for the information on this website, it was truly a great resource and huge help in understanding Toronto’s parking pad rules and strategies to work within them.

    Like many others, we purchased a home with an illegal parking pad unbeknownst to us. What followed was a near 2 year uphill challenge to legalize it. After submitting multiple scale drawings, applying for the permit, receiving rejection, appealing the rejection, meeting with our councilor, presenting in front of city council, and shelling out nearly $4,000 total we have an approved parking pad.

    that said, DO NOT GIVE up if your home is in a ward that still allows them. Fight for your right to park and challenge the by laws as best you can.

    Good luck!

  29. Hi we purchased a new home that will have a shared driveway to reach the garage which is at the back of the house. Am I to expect that it would be illegal for my neighbour to park in this 9ft wide shared driveway. (

    If someone did park, it would be impossible for someone to get out of their garage. If my neighbor did start parking on the shared driveway, would the city get involved? I mean if there is an emergency, my car would be stuck in the garage …

    1. Hi Alex,
      Sorry to hear about your situation, you have to contact the city and let them know what is happening and they will let you know what can be done. I have a friend going thru something similar and it’s most frustrating!
      You can dial in 311 to get the city or go online at

      Good Luck!
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  30. I live in rogers rd and Weston rd area an have a problem. Just moved into a house where my neighbour blocks my parking pad which i own 1/3 of that driveway. he can move in further but insists to block me, i dont have a parking permit. i don’t have a car but I do have visitors coming over and they Need to park there. Also my mother who is disabled needs to get into cars and we have a handicap license. when she gets a ride to doctor or hospital appointments and possibly ambulance whereas the sidewalk is far from the front door.I have asked them to move the van a few times, and they tell me to get my visitors to park on the street.i also know he doesn’t have a permit to legally park there and his licences plate is from Alberta Canada. All I ask is that he moves his van so visitors can park in front of my house. What can I do legally to stop him?

    1. Hi Nikki,
      Sorry to hear about your situation, you have to contact the city and let them know what is happening and they will let you know what can be done. I have a friend going thru something similar and it’s most frustrating!
      You can dial in 311 to get the city or go online at

      Good Luck!
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  31. Can I assume that my city councilor would be useless in resolving matter explained above….
    ie. matter can only be handled through a lawyer ?

  32. have a mutual driveway (84″ wide). Since 1959 it has been used for both neighbors to park vehicles in the back yard/garage. A few months ago new neighbors moved in and removed parking area in their back yard (replaced it with deck and grass). They made all sorts of renovations to the house which now include furnace pipes, water valves, etc that extrude up to 5″ from the side of their house and into our mutual driveway. This is making it almost impossible for a car to pass through now. By chance I have found out that they never even applied for any permits. They don’t seem to care about our disapproval of what they have done. It also looks like they plan to sell the house when they have finished working on it very soon. Can you please help us. It’s my 88 year old mother’s house. Can you recommend a good lawyer for us (St. Clair and Caledonia area) that specializes in these cases.

    1. Hi Patrick,
      We have a lawyer that we highly recommend to our clients and he is on Mount Pleasant. Alan Hodgson – 416-322-3370.
      I actually don’t have a lawyer in that area you are asking about, there are a couple names I could give you in the Bloor West Village as well. Please email me at if you would like more info.
      Good Luck!
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  33. Hi,
    I have a front pad parking, and I am paying for its fee every year. My neighbor on the other hand, just poured mulch over his lawn and parking his car over the mulched area for a while now. He ofcourse does not have a permit, and does not not pay anything to the city. Not only this annoys me as it looks terrible but also I feel like an idiot paying this fee when the city does nothing about these kind of actions. Is there anything can be done about this? Thank you!

  34. Hi Stephanie. This page is a great resource…
    I have a neighbour that had a company dig up his front lawn this morning for an illegal parking pad. As I write this I bet they are interlocking the bricks right now. This company is really hustling. This person does have a garage accessible by a laneway and this is going to be their second parking spot. On top of all of that…this is now the fourth such illegal pad (in the last 18 months) on the street.

    One additional neighbour has been parking on his lawn all winter and really destroyed his grass, and he will certainly follow suit for the 5th illegal pad.

    I wish the city would do something about these pads, without me risking the horrible neighbour relations it is bound to invite by formally complaining.
    We do have on street parking.

  35. Parking can be pretty tough in toronto. Just imagine trying to park with a trailer in ontario. It can be almost impossible sometimes!

  36. Can the shared driveway between our two houses be used for temporary short time parking of a visitor? If a neighbour’s visitor stays for a long time what can I do – can I have the car ticketed or fined?

    1. With shared drives, you would have to speak with whom you share the drive to make arrangement on how you would both agree to use the driveway. You can call a lawyer and ask what legally can be done and you can also contact the City of Toronto website to get more information.

  37. I would like to see an addendum to the moratorium in order to allow parking pads, albeit under very specific circumstances. Any thoughts on how I and others can go about requesting council to make this change?

  38. I have a private parking spot behind my house off of a lane way that every house has. Either they have a garage or a space to park a car. My question is, my neighbour parks his car across the back of the spots and covers half my parking spot. So if i have company we have to hope they are home to move the car. We have asked many times for them not to do that (they used to park right in the spot till i had it out with them) So there anything legal i can do? i do not own a car anymore but i do have company over lots who drives and use my spot to park. No permit since most of the time they are not from toronto.

    32 district, cox well/danforth

    1. Hi Michael,
      In this type of situation if you and your neighbour can not come to a mutually agreeable parking situation, you would be best to contact your real estate lawyer. If you have a survey of your property that they can go over that and show legally your lot and your neighbour’s lot and where the parking division lies.
      Good Luck!

  39. Hi,
    I’m interested in getting a parking pad permit in a ward still allowing them. The case looks good, as I have a very narrow mutual drive, and no access to my back yard (a mutual fence with central post blocks access) and there are other pads on my street. The curb is already cut, so I would access pad off of mutual drive and come in from the side.
    My problem is, there is a LIGHTPOST at the end of my property, right at the side walk, that in the city’s opinion *might* be endangered by my car. I have already worked out the route for my car’s approach, and figure I could fit my car in there, but worry that the city might refuse me based on the fact that there is a lamppost at the end (beyond) my pad.

    Can someone please comment on this, or let me know if they have had a similar situation?

    Thanks very much,

  40. Hi there, I recently just bought a house with a legal front parking pad. If I am reading through the comments here correctly it appears there is an annual fee associated with this, could you please confirm? Also since my house has a legal front parking pad they agreement has always been that the neighbour is able to park in the mutual drive. I am fine with this, however I want to ensure I am not giving up my rights by allowing them to park there. Thanks!

    1. Yes it is true – legal front pads are permitted by the City and you have to pay an ongoing annual fee for them. There is a number registered, and usually a small licence displayed on the front of your property. Permits are not transferred between owners anymore when you buy houses, so it needs to be re-issued to you.
      Re: mutual drive – best to discuss with your neighbour that you are allowing, but it is a temporary/not permanent thing, and that that property will continue to be used as a mutual drive that you own as well and have the right to use if necessary or desired – and document this conversation so that in future if there is a question you can refer back to it.

      good luck!

  41. Hi,
    I live not too far from Dufferin and Wilson intersection, Toronto.
    I have a neighbor parking a commercial truck in his driveway. Can someone park a commercial truck in a private driveway? I’m talking about a big dump truck that 2 or 3 days a week it’s parked beside the house where the owner lives. It’s a residential area, beside that driveway there are more houses.
    Early in the morning, the driver starts his truck, leaves it running for about 10-15 minutes, until he comes out, gets in his truck and leaves.
    It’s very disturbing because is always around 6 a.m ,and the truck’s engine is very noisy.

  42. Hi,

    I have shared driveway. My neighbor has two parking pads while I drive my car at the back of our property where I have a garage.

    Sometimes he parks his car or work truck 10-15 inch on the shared driveway. I talked to him, explain that is hard to get-out but it doesn’t help.

    What can I do? Does parking enforcement work in this case?

    The area is Bathurst and Davenport, in Toronto.

  43. A neighbor across the street parks four vehicles in the backyard, not in the driveway to hide them or for theft safety. I didn’t think you could just fill your backyard with vehicles, two on patio stones and two on grass….looks ghetto. Driveway is used for access in and out only…

  44. my neighbor illegally extended his driveway onto our shared lawn on his side,the city told him to stop parking there and he put cinder blocks down and apparently the city of Toronto was OK with that because the matter is closed,but because there is no sidewalk in front of my house people block my driveway with the back of their car when they park there thinking where his extension ends is where the nose of their car should go,so i was wondering can i get the city to come out and put sod back on the 10 feet of the extension they own or does my neighbor have to do that?

  45. Hi, I have a mutual drive and my neighbour parks tandem starting at his back fence and right on the property line between our houses, but sometimes three cars so that I can barely get past his line of cars to access my parking. Is there a standard distance behind the house on which the mutual drive must be kept clear? There used to be two garages at the back, one for each house, but they are long gone. Thanks for the help with this.

  46. Are there rules or specifications as to PVC piping (for venting) that protrudes or sticks out from a wall in a mutual driveway in Toronto???

  47. Hello: quick question if you have time: I just purchased a house in ward 11 (mount dennis) which has a “legal front yard parking pad” as described in the mls listing. I have determined through research that this parking pad is not actually able to be sold with the house, but rather I must re-license it when I take ownership of the house. What is the process for doing this? Is it usually possible to re-license these parking pads or does the city like to cancel them and return the space to a front yard use?



  48. Hi – I have semi-detached house with a mutual driveway (right of way – 4 feet). The other house was sold last March and now the tenant parks his car in the driveway. I’m assuming I can tell him he has to park his car/park on the street. If he doesn’t can I have his car towed? the house was sold with “no parking”. If I call parking enforcement, will they get involved or refer me to civil court since private property?
    thank you.

  49. How do you know how much of your front lawn is city property? Does the city only own up to where the water line head is?

    1. Hi Barbara, I am unsure of this answer, it would be best for you to contact the City Of Toronto for this information. 416-392-CITY (2489) or 311 on your cel phone,

      The Julie Kinnear Team

  50. Hi Stephanie,
    Interesting situation we have – would LOVE your thoughts:
    We’ve put an offer in for a house in Ward 22 where there is a legal parking pad (and the house was advertised having one). But the older lady that lived there for 50 years forgot to/stopped paying the annual fee for the front pad permit in 2007 (4 years ago) when her husband passed away.
    So it is (WAS) a legal parking permit for front pad parking. As we may purchase the house, we are worried that there is a chance the City wouldn’t approve an new application by us. Is that possible? As new owners, we should be able to apply (and basically re-instate) the legal spot – that already exists. the previous owner just hasn’t paid it for 4 years.
    Our other worry is that even if the City let’s us re-apply, could they ask her or us to pay back the fees that she neglected to pay for 4 years?

    1. Hi Lindsay,
      Thanks for your inquiry. You should call the City and inquire about it, they really are the only ones that tell you what to do in this situation. Hopefully its just a matter of registering it into your name and there is no retroactive pay.
      Good Luck with this!
      link to
      416-392-CITY (2489) or 311 on your cel phone,

  51. Hi,

    First, it’s good to know we’re not the only ones with mutual drive/parking issues.

    We have a mutual drive with rights of way between our property and our neighbour. The drive has not been used in many decades (my husband has lived in the same house for 50+ years), the garages at the back have long been torn down and the rights of way mostly ignored by mutual consent. Until now… new neighbours have built a new home and are now making noise about adhering to the rights of way, I suspect so they can force us to tear down our fence (which is mostly on our side of the property line) as they can access the back of their property now without using the r.o.w. If we are forced to open our backyard to allow for the r.o.w. we are considering re-establishing it fully and having a parking space once again in the back. Our questions are:

    1. We understand that having legal off-street parking adds a substantial amount to the home’s real estate value; is this true, and can you give us a ballpark number? We are in ward 19, south of Queen St.
    2. Is a parking pad/carport allowable or do we have to build an actual garage?
    3. What, if any, encumbrances must be re-located so that the r.o.w. can be accessed properly? i.e. gas meters

    Any information you can provide will be most appreciated.


  52. Hello,

    Is it possible to get a parking ticket from the city if you park in your condo buildings parking lot over night (against condo rules). I do have a parking pass for the buildings underground parking lot.

    1. Hi Rob,
      You will have to speak with your Condo Corp. My personal experience is that yes you can get a ticket. I too live in a condo and there is no overnight parking and if you do then you will 100% receive a parking ticket. If you have underground parking than that is your parking spot. This is a conversation and or question you should have with your condo board and or corporation.
      Hope this helps, Stephanie from The Julie Kinnear Team

  53. Hello,
    I currently live in Ward 6. Bought a property that I thought had 2 car front pad legal parking as the sidewalk was previously built by the cityto accomodate 2 car drive by. This week they rebuilt the sidewalks and advised me I only had 1 car pad parking. How do i proceed to get the second pad back. I have a paved drive on my yard but no way to get over the curb unless I get the city to fix the sidewalk curb.

  54. Hi,
    I own a semi-detached house and have backyard parking which is accessed through a mutual driveway. I have the right of way and drive over a part of my neighbor’s backyard to get to my parking pad. I have a survey from 1977 which shows the right-of-way being at the very back of the property. This right-of-way technically cuts his property short since he cannot build on it. Does that give him the rights to some of my property because his gets cut short?

    He has installed a shed at the back of the property, behind MY house, which according to the survey is actually my property. He is now also claiming I am taking up too much room parking behind my house. Does he get any kind of special exceptions when it comes to property lines because he must give me the right-of-way?

    1. Hi Karen,
      Our advice on this matter would be to take your survey to your lawyer and have him look at it. Unless you and your neighbour can mutually agree on the matter, its best to go thru your lawyer.
      Good luck!

  55. HI… I have a shared driveway with my neighbour… its located in the highpark area…. I was wondering what permits I need for making a private parking…. the curb is already shaved… and there are no cars parking on my side of the street…. i basically just have to take apart my stairs and little sidewalk leading up to the house…where do i apply for a permit and other legal documents…. Thank you

  56. I just recently received a ticket infraction for parking in front of my drive way. I was not aware of having a parking permit on my own driveway. Plus there was no signs of warning or letter sent out that this would be in effect. I will be fighting this ticket, this is ridiculous!

  57. neighbour has paking pad adjacent to mutual driveway and parks so close to mutual driveway that we can’t safely drive into driveway to use it…or to open cardoors once we are there…any ideas?


  58. I have a legal front pad which was installed in 2006, I’m guessing before all these rules were instated, because it is paved in concrete. However, the concrete is cracking. Is the city in any way responsible since technically 10 feet from curb is City property and the cracking is within that space. It is also a city-licensed pad so I would think my yearly fees should cover things like pad maintenance?

  59. Hi there,
    We have a similar problem with a shared right of way between our house and our neighbour’s.
    There is no garage or parking pad in either backyards, just a narrow drive way separating both yards. Our neighbour leaves his car at the end of the right of way, claiming it doesn’t bother anybody… Our attempts to talk to the neighbour and ask him to park his car in his property remain unsuccessful. Who should we call to have his car removed when park on the right of way? Can we call the city parking enforcement unit? The Police? Can we actually have his car moved out of the right of way?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    1. Hi Carole, You will need to contact a lawyer and having a survey of your property would be very helpful. Hope this helps,
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  60. Quick question that may be a bit unusual – how do we go about getting rid of parking on our property? We currently have a horribly unsafe huge 2 car garage which takes up about 75% of our ‘back yard’, and want to demolish it to make a nice green play area for our kids. We’ve always parked on the street and are happy to continue doing that, but the city of Toronto seems to insist that we have two spots for parking, even though we don’t need them. Aren’t cities trying to increase green space rather than decrease it? We can always put in the spots again if we ever decide to sell (unlikely)…can we get a variance I wonder?

    Thx – Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah – That is a tough dilemma in deed! Can you access the garage to park in it? The city must give you approval to take the garage down and might not neccesarily grant you a permit to put one up again. I completely understand why you would want to take it down especially if you can not park in it.
      Hope this helps.
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  61. Call your city counselor. If they are parked close enough to the street on the shared lane way, the bylaw office will ticket and remove their car.
    Basically behind the water shut off usually, if you have one on your front lawn or driveway.

  62. Hi There,

    We have a quick question about the value of off-street parking. We are currently looking for a house in the Bloor West Village area. Many of the houses don’t have parking or a mutual drive. When searching for a house, how much more should I expect to pay for a property with parking?


    1. Hi Mel, You could look to pay about 20,000 (approx) more for parking. This is just an estimate, it is not carved in stone, it is really up to the sellers. Hope this helps.

  63. There is a driveway between my house and the neighbor. They own 8’5″ and I own 6’10” of it. My deed does not say anything about mutual driveway. My neighbors (who are renters) park their vehicles on the driveway and partially over their property line. I have asked them not to park on the driveway since they have a 2 car garage and an illegal front parkng pad. They keep parking there even with their landlord asking them not to. They even hit my car on 3 occasions opening their doors (I have a legal front parking pad which I pay annual dues for).My questions are: Can I erect a fence along my property? (it will not block their access to the back, but it will not allow them to park on the driveway. They won’t be able to open their doors). On average, how much does going through lawyers cost?



  64. I bought a condo in a building on Queen Street East. Before purchasing, as the unit did not come with a parking space, I phoned the city to ask whether they issue parking permits on the street for that property. Based on that I made the investment,moved in and asked the property management for a letter that states that I live there and there’s no parking in-site. Went to the city hall and… suprise!!!!… the closest street where I can park is 4 blocks away from the building. There is a NO EXIT street just by the west side of the building, that unfortunately is not included within Zone E7 catchment area but has a machine to purchase a parking ticket if you want to park your car on that no-exit street(what a coincidence!!!)Is there any bylaw that sets limits to convert no-exit streets into parking-permit area?. Is it just a matter of soliciting my city councillor to add street to the ZONE 7E boundaries? Any idea?

  65. I live in Toronto in a house with a mutual driveway. For years I have been paying for licensed front yard parking. My neighbor parks his car adjacent to mine but he DOES NOT HAVE a permit. My question is, is he allowed to do so? If not, what steps do I need to take? Thanks for your assistance.

  66. Are parking pads permits only issued for single vehicle parking only. This would be for number of vehicles that can actually park on the pad.
    Can the parking pad be interlocking stone or must it be paved?


    1. New parking pads have more environmentally friendly standards with the city of toronto – paving is no longer preferred as the water goes running into the sewer system rather than an interlocking or stone situation where water seeps through. Also other requirements are % of greenery vs parking spot. Each parking pad permit is for 1 car.
      Hope that helps you Willie!

  67. Hello,

    We have a shared driveway with our neighbour – the problem is that we both have young children and it was mutually agreeded that we put a gate (Wonderful/awesome) to allow the children to play in the back yard. The only problem is that for whatever reason the neighbours FAIL to close the gate when they leave the property or come into the property putting my child’s safety are risk (he’s only 3yrs old)…just last week their babysitter failed to close the gate and lucky for me (being a quick mother) I stopped my son from going a full speed down the driveway and onto the street.

    My question is – we would like to build a fence around our property in order to keep my child safe. basically we have a mutual driveway and we have no fence separating both properties – which was nice it allowed the children to play around and not be limited to space. But unforunately we have NO CHOICE but to build a fence around our property coming from the gragage to the house. Is this allowed provided that we obviously stay within our property line.

    Any feed back is greatly appreciated.

    Concern parent

    1. Hi Cristina,
      That is a total drag that your neighbours aren’t holding up their end of the deal.
      Since it is a mutual drive, you can not block any access to their property. I believe you are able to build a fence, as long as it does not infringe on the mutual drive.

    2. We had the same problem. We asked the neighbours if we could put the fence in the middle, at our house and now we have 2 gates,

      Good luck

  68. Our neighbor is now building a parking pad in the rear which has never existed on either of our properties. We cannot have a front pad parking because of a large tree in the middle of the front yard. The mutual driveway is 7.2 wide and I can’t imagine successfully navigating a car down it. Is there anyway around the tree issue for the front yard and can we oppose the construction of a parking pad in the rear?

  69. Hi – I live in Etobicoke – we are a corner lot with a very large frontage. We currently have a single driveway with a single car garage and would like to expand the driveway to a double. At the end of the existing driveway, there is a small ditch with drainage running under the width of the driveway.
    Are there any bylaws stopping us from doing so?

  70. Permit parking needs to be “clearly” stated as above you note in your information. Some have recently learned that “Ensure that your street or area is designated for permit parking and spaces are available” can be misunderstood. Even by the parking enforcement personnel. There are two types of permits issued. One type has a general area number that incompases ‘an area”. That number is provided on your sticker when purchased”, and the rules specifically state.. “permits issued on an area basis will have the corresponding area shown on the face of the permit. A permit holder with such a permit may park on any street authorized and signed, which bears the same area code.” Permits issue on a street-name basis will have a five digit code number typed on face of permit. They may only park on that specific street. HOWEVER, and this is very important. Just because a street is within “your area” and you have been provided a sticker/permit, that does not mean you can park in that area…IT MUST ONLY be on streets “in the area” that have specific permit parking signs. And not many in the area do…having parked for well over two years with a permit in the same spot which under the rules seemed to be correct, the new parking officers hired are now ticketing daily after a ‘specific time” as there is no “permit parking sign” that clearly shows the ‘area’ designation . And there is not one nearby either. Apparently there exists at the transportation dept a computer generated list which you must check to see if the “street” or “section of street” in your “area” is designated as permit parking. The new parking enforcemnent officers recently added to that department don’t even look for your sticker/permit unless the street/section in your area you are on has a specific “permit parking” out. For last three days, our area has now had yellow tickets on every car who thought they were OK. But, apparently, we have all misunderstood for last few years, or the rules aren’t clearly written because not everyone would make the same mistake. YIKES..only city hall

  71. Here’s a strange question, I’m hoping someone can answer. My dad has a trailer in his backyard which is parked on the grass and is having problems with the city saying that he can’t have it parked there and that it needs to be parked on a paved pad. Can someone direct me to a by-law that enforces this?

  72. Please catch up with the rest of Toronto, after all we did amalgamate 13 years ago, no?? So, please do not let this by-law of parking no-longer than 3 hours continue. It’s such an embarrassment to our love of this city. Also, what’s this about city-housing issues and conjesting the streets?? Most people in city-housing cannot afford a car, insurence and maintenance on a car, so that is a moot point. Thank you. Also, by the way, I’ve been able to rent a parking spot off the street close to my apartment building that does not have parking for the tenants. This is costing me an extra $55.00 per month. So, I’m safe now from being ticketed in the middle of the night.

  73. Hi,

    In the last two days, I have received 3 parking tickets, for unauthorized parking on boulevard. I have a front yard parking pad. When I purchased my home four years ago, I went to the city and paid $300 or so — I think to have the pad transferred into my name. At the time, the city was re-doing the sidewalks and it was rebuilt with the curb dipped for parking. Why am I getting tickets for parking here now? I called the city yesterday and they said that my car must be on the sidewalk– it is not. What should I do? And do I need a permit for my parking pad?

  74. Hi there,

    I also have an issue – i have a walkway (not large enough to drive a vehicle through) attached to my propoerty. It is not shared with the next door neighbors as they have fenced in their side of the property – was done before we bought the place. There are no garages at the back (again cars cannot go through). The end of the walkway lands into the backyard of some houses on a different street. These people have used this walkway to go back and forth from the back of their houses and have turned it into their personal entrance, however, this means i have a lot of foot traffic through the side of my house and cars parking illegally. This walkway is wholly my property and i’d like to fence it in to prevent all the traffic, how can i go about doing this? Your help is appreciated

  75. I have a right of way deeded to myself and 3 other property owners. My property is on the very end, does not have a parking space and is only accessible by means of a door. One of the property owners has started allowing his tenants to park infront of my yard door on the right of way, instead of in his rear yard, thereby severely limiting my access. My conversations with him have proved useless. What are my options?

  76. My neighbour have a school bus park on their driveway every day. For some strange reason, they start the school bus randomly through-out the day and leave it running for over 30 minutes without moving it. It is legal to park school bus on the driveway? and leave it running for over 30 minutes? Where can i report and complain this ? Thanks.

    1. Hi Alan,
      I am unsure to whom you could call. But I use the City of Toronto website for research into situations like this. You can log onto and you should be able to find information as to who to call or email. Good Luck!
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  77. Hi – I live in the city of Toronto and Have a mutaul drive do you know if it is possible to get a lawyer to write a letter to my neighbour explaning excatly what a mutual drive way is? they park in the back but have guest’s that come visit from time to time and park in the drive way – but we want it kept clear at all times

    1. Hi Steven,
      Contacting your lawyer for their legal advice is our recommended action to take.
      “Mutual driveways and pathways are described in a homeowner’s deed of ownership and refer to property that is “shared” by two neighbours. The City has no bylaws or guidelines with respect to this as it is a private property issue. It is generally understood that both neighbours share in the maintenance of this area and that this area is not obstructed by parked vehicles or the placement of permanently-fixed objects. If the area is in serious disrepair and one neighbour refuses to contribute to the cost of repair, a Municipal Standards Officer can issue a work order to both owners. Disputes between neighbours regarding the mutual driveway can only be legally settled in civil court” City of Toronto – Mutual Drive link to
      Good Luck!
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  78. I have a mutual driveway and was wondering what can be done if someone including a neighbour parks on the drive without my permission? Can the car be towed?

    1. Hi Greg,
      “Mutual driveways and pathways are described in a homeowner’s deed of ownership and refer to property that is “shared” by two neighbours. The City has no bylaws or guidelines with respect to this as it is a private property issue. It is generally understood that both neighbours share in the maintenance of this area and that this area is not obstructed by parked vehicles or the placement of permanently-fixed objects. If the area is in serious disrepair and one neighbour refuses to contribute to the cost of repair, a Municipal Standards Officer can issue a work order to both owners. Disputes between neighbours regarding the mutual driveway can only be legally settled in civil court” City of Toronto – Mutual Drive link to
      You can contact your lawyer and get his legal advice.
      Hope this helps!
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  79. I have a legal parking pad in the front of my house. My neighbour across the street is very vocal about his objection to parking pads. He insists on parking his vehicle a few feet from the edge of the parking pad and therefore, blocks part of my pad. Is there a legal distance that a vehicle must abide by in order not to block the pad?
    thanks very much.

    1. Hi Ellen, Thank you for your question. I have included the link to the City of Toronto parking page for you to have a look at. You will be able to locate the information you are looking for there. Or you can call the city directly. link to
      Have a great day!

  80. I share a mutual right of way driveway (legally deeded) with my neighbour. The mutual driveway accesses our indiviudal garages at the rear of our respective property. The area directly infront of the garage is private property (not part of the deeded right of way.) I park my car within the garage thus freeing up the space infront of my garage, and rear of the house.

    My neighbor does not use their garage to park their 3 cars. Rather they park them infront of their garage, on their property. They use not only the mutual driveway, but also my rear yard (private property) to reverse out of their space and do a 3 point turn, so they can conveniently drive to the street. Unfortunately I have to reverse all the way to the street I have no such reciprocal luck to turn around, as their property is ‘chock a block’ with their cars.

    My question is this; I wish to install removable posts to along the edge of the mutual driveway to deter the neighbors from reversing onto my property. (They are spatially ‘challenged’ and have already backed into my car, and my trailer, causing a fair bit of damage.) Am I running afoul of any regulations? (Again, I would install the posts on my private property – well off the deeded right of way. ) Help….

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      There is bit more involved in your question than we feel we can answer. You can’t put anything on a mutual drive. It has to be clear for mutual use. You should consult a or your real estate lawyer and have them look at your survey that way you are getting proper legal advice. Good Luck with this!
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  81. I have a parking pad and I pay to have a City of Toronto parking permit for this parking pad. Why is it that anyone who wants to park behind my car and blocking my driveway can do so without any reprecussions? I don’t think that is fair as I am the resident paying for the permit in the first place. Do I have to have a ramp made so that it is more visible to other motorists or can I paint the curb so that they can visualize where they can park. As we have maintained the existing walkway and parking pad which are of the same stone pavers and not a PAVED driveway which may not be very noticable to other motorists.

    1. Hi Cassie,
      Thanks for your passionate email – no doubt you are not alone in this frustration. Not sure if there is a rule about painting the edges of your parking spot, but I do see lots of properties where they do it with the street yellow paint, to dilineate, it sounds like a great idea to me. I have seen it done before, I assume the city did it or homeowner.

  82. Hi, I am renting a room in a basement while I go to school, in ward 23, and the parking is a little crammed. It is a standard driveway and can fit two cars wide. The land lord takes the two spots closest to the house and told us (me and my other room mate that has a car as well) that we can park in the space between the street and the sidewalk. Is that legal? If I park it right my car only sticks out a little into the street and a little onto the sidewalk. If that isnt legal am I allowed to just park on the road in front of the house, at least until winter?

    1. Hi Geoffrey,
      It sounds like the driveway can really only fit 2 cars, which is an issue you will have to bring up with your landlord. It is not possible to park anywhere onto the sidewalk or the road. I would recommend you look into getting a permit to park on the street year round, it is not too expensive – somewhere around $130 for the year, to avoid a ticket, if your street allows permit parking.
      Thanks as always from everyone reading this for your input!

  83. I purchased a house in North York area a year ago and the property has a fairly narrow shared parking with the neighbours. This weekend our neighbour (who did not like us from day one and does not speak to us) just decided to put a small fence and it looks like he gave himself a bigger space. No measurements, I wanted to know whether that is legal? Our situation is like that of Cameron, who wrote you on the 17th January, 2009, there is a mutual parking on my title? Is my neighbour allowed to do that?

    1. Hi Peggie, You will have to refer back to the survey of your home. That will show you your property line. You then contact the lawyer that you would have used when you purchased your home to look at it and give you the proper information on how to proceed. If you did not receive a survey upon purchase, there are companies that will do them for you. If you have any trouble locating one you can email us back and we can refer one to you.
      Thank you for your question and have a good day!

  84. I purchased a house 7 years ago with a shared driveway that is not wide enough to park in, and a non-permitted paved parking pad to the left of the shared driveway. I have always wondered about getting the permit for it. Now my neighbour is renting the house and there are 3 cars parking in the shared driveway and on their lawn. At times it leaves me little room on the shared driveway to park (even though my property line is in the middle), and I’m forced to use the parking pad more and more. The curb is not cut however, and I get blocked in at time from people parking on the street. I’m afraid to apply for a permit for the pad, thinking that if it is refused they will make me dig up the current pad and then I will have no parking. I also can’t call the city to complain about my neighbour parking on their lawn (which would the reduce the number of cars parked and allow me to park), since my pad is not legal. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Jeremy, We get many questions about mutual drives and thank you for yours. We suggest you call the city and or city councillor in your area – blocking your phone # perhaps as well so the call is anonymous – and ask about possibility of getting legal parking on a widened driveway in your ward – some neighbourhoods have closed off the possibility altogether, others still allow with curbs already cut. It depends on proximity of trees or hydrants near the pad as well. Good luck with everything.
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  85. Quick question – We have a mutual driveway that runs to the back of our property. The nieghbors demo’d their house and built a new home with a private drive and garage. No they no longer have a need for access to the driveway as they can get in and out of thier yard on the other side of the house. I approached the builder and asked if he would be interested in selling/severing his piece of the mutual drive. He agreed and I am in the research phase to see if this is even doable. It would save a lot of headaches for both of us as well as the benefits. Do you have any thoughts on this or maybe have heard of a similar situation? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jay,
      I think it is a good idea. You would likely need an up-to-date survey that the builder probably has. You will have to get a real estate lawyer involved to help revise title. The question of value is interesting – your lawyer may have precedents. We don’t hear about it much on our end things. I hope this helps and Good Luck with it!
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  86. We have been residing at Woodbine & Gerrard since 1999 and have always parked our car at the back of our house, just like the other homeowners who have parked their cars at the back of their house. Yesterday, we got a ticket for “parking at the rear of xxx Woodbine for more than 3 hours”. The house number indicated on the ticket is not our house number but the next door’s number. I don’t understand why the city gave us a ticket when the car is parked at the back of our property. I thought the city won’t touch this parking spot as I believe it’s part of the ownership of the property, and the joy and the privilege to park on the property that we have paid propety taxes for 10 years now. A while ago I went to the Parking Tag Operations to dispute the ticket and have to wait for the trial date, who knows when. What an inconvenience!

  87. There is a mutual right of way (driveway) between our house and the neighbour. We have a legal parking pad and a permit for street parking for our second car. Our neighbour insists that he be allowed to put his garbage cans and park his car in the mutual right of way because the woman who he purchased his house from did so before him. What are our rights? We want the mutual right of way to be kept clear.

    Thank you so mcuh

    1. Hi Heather, Thank you for your question.

      It sounds like you are correct – neither neighbour is allowed to park/place anything on the mutual drive, it is a right of way essentially for everyone to use to access their property they own. You’ll need your survey to show your lawyer etc if it comes to that.

      Hope this helps, have a good day!
      The Julie Kinnear Team

  88. Hello, we have lived in the same house for many years (ward 32 south of danforth) and we have always parked in two parking spots side by side on our property. This summer the city came by and re-paved the curbs in our area and they actually built up the curb in front of one of our spots! The foreman checked and insisted that it was only zoned for one spot, hence they built up the curb. We’ve been parking there ever since without ever receiving a ticket or warning. Would it be easy to go to the city to have this reversed? It’s been like this FOREVER and nobdy ever parks on the curb in front of our spot because it is so blatantly obvious that it is a parking spot. We’re scared the city will not only reject us but also start fining us as well if we go to ask them for advice. Also would we start getting charged an annual fee even if they did allow this 2nd spot? What should we do??

  89. Have fun on your trip. We are a real estate team that specializes in resale residential homes and condos in Toronto, and our parking section is to help our clients who are buying or selling with their parking needs. Sorry we can’t help you on this one!

  90. I am planing a trip on Via Rail that will take about 10 or 11 days and need a place to park my car close to Union Station, can you supply a location and rates?



  91. hi I live carr st. between bathurst and queen area, I have a parking space for one van and i have another van, is it possible to get a residental parking permit for my van what do i need to get it

  92. Is it OK to vent a new (high eficiency) furnace and locate a (narrow) Air Conditioning unit on my side of the mutual drive (East York)? I’ve heard conflicting opinions about this, some saying it must be 7 ft above ground.

  93. I live in ward 16 and am considering pad parking. I have no parking now — only a shared drive that is too narrow for a car to pass (i.e. less than 2.5 meters). It is primarily used so our neighbors can have access to their backyard. Currently they are allowing us to park in the shared drive but this may not last down the road. Recently (June 2008) someone told me that there is no more pad parking allowed in ward 16. Does anyone know anything about this new restrictions? Thanks.

  94. I was told by the city that if street permit parking is available that they would not issue a permit for pad parking even if you have no plans to encroach the curb or public space as you’ve described in the mutual driveway parking description above. Could you let me know what your interpretation of the bylaw is as well as your experience in these circumstances. Has something changed as of late?

  95. I Need Help!! I received approval from the city to have a varience to the by-law April 2008, so I can get a driveway, as I have a decent size front yard (Danforth & Pharmacy). This was $655.20. Just about every other house on our street has a driveway with a tree, so I thought everything would be o.k. Well I got a call from Tom Underhill who said absolutley not. I don’t understand, when again most of the houses on our street that have a tree, have a driveway, and there driveways are pretty much but up against the tree. The people who park in front of my house are closer to the tree than I would be, and they are there 24/7. the umbrella of the tree spreads over the street, and not my house. Any suggestions/advice/help ?

  96. I live in a corner house (Coxwell north of Danforth) and would like to put in a driveway and possible garage. What is involved?

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