Jessica & Alex


Alex: "So last year we were speaking with my in-laws, Jessica's parents, and we've decided that we had more house than we needed and we were moving back to Toronto,so we've decided to buy a house together, converted into a two family home. So we've downsized from a large Victorian house and Julie's team helped us sell the house and helped us buy this house we're standing in now and it was a lot to take on, and it was frequently very overwhelming. And they took good care of us and held our hands when we needed it."

Jessica: "They sure did, it was a hell of a project, planning it all, working through the budget, timing and I can't thank Julie and her team enough for all the work that they did, all the little things they thought of."

Alex: "Staging, getting us a handyman to fix some of the bits and pieces that needed to get fixed before the house went to market."

Jessica: "It was quite an enterprise and they were there for us, for all four of us, they were there for the project and they were there for us as people too. It was a great experience!"